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Trials Fusion Review


I don’t tend to play games that have motorbikes or racing in them. Other than Mario Kart and Crash Bandicoot: Tag Team Racing, I don’t play racing games. Sure, I do have the odd surprise with a game like Coffin Dodgers, but other than that there’s really nothing. So it may come as a surprise to you that I did sort of enjoy Trials Fusion. For some strange reason I did in fact play quite a bit of this game. Maybe because it was free or something, I don’t quite know.

Whatever the case I’ve spent the past few weeks playing this game on and off. It’s nothing like Forza Horizon which I played continuously for a good week or two. Nor is it like Coffin Dodgers in the sense that I finished the entire game in a day. No, this game is more or less one that can be played for any length of time. When you’ve finished one stage you’ve basically played the entire game. Really the only thing that changes is the difficulty overall.

The visual presentation of the game really does blow me away. To be fair a lot of more modern games have that effect. They manage to make games look so great so easily and it’s truly apparent throughout Trials Fusion. Overall the graphics are something very noteworthy. Most of the time I’ll say graphics don’t matter, but it does add to the game here. Maybe it’s because they’re such a prominent part of the game.

Let’s face it, you wouldn’t be playing this game if it looked like shit. Gone are the days of the NES, graphics are ultimately what it comes down to. So not only does your motorbike and character look great, but the backgrounds are stunning. Really the change of scenery is there so it doesn’t feel like you’re playing the same track over and over again. It works impressively well in regards to keeping the game fresh. Presumably it’s because the changes aren’t subtle. We go from arctic wastelands to red deserts rather quickly. This fast change in pace kept me playing for a considerable amount of time.

So what made me stop playing this game? Because, believe me, I’ve stopped playing Trials Fusion now. For me, it was the difficulty curve. Sure, the first three stages were great fun and I had no trouble with the gold medals. So for me to go from gold medals all the way through to barely scraping bronze, it was a strange change. If anything I stopped playing the game completely because of this. No variety of bikes or settings could keep me playing past literally not being able to complete a stage. You had to do a bunny hop and then ride up a slope, and I just found it too difficult.

I did mention the variety of bikes though, so at least the game has that going for it. Obviously you’re supposed to use the recommended bike for each course. Think inside of the box when playing this game, that’s my advice. You can use a unicorn of some sorts but being that I’m bland, bland, incredibly bland, I didn’t use it. I have no intention on using it either. Why would I? I’m quite happy with the generic bike that gets me from A to B. That’s the way it’s staying too.

What really made this game was the fact that there were maps available from other players. You could literally download any type of map you like and play it through. As far as I’m aware it doesn’t take up that much space to download a map either. It’s similar to Halo: Reach‘s map sharing system, but with a content browser. Mostly all of the content I tried to play required DLC I refused to cough up for. Still the few tracks I found were decent enough. It’s nice that this community is fairly competent.

Still, that’s not stopping you yourself from making the maps. I would make some but I’ve got the creativity of a literal potato so I’m not going to bother. Again, the creativity tools in the game are pretty easy to use. Not my cup of tea though given the above statement. Either way though you should be able to create some enjoyable maps. Or not, you’re probably as useless as I am. Stick to the maps that have been made by people who have an ounce of talent is my advice.

It wouldn’t be a Ubisoft game without microtransactions now would it? You can buy different outfits for your biker and that’s about it really. At least they don’t make you buy different areas. I mean, they do, because it’s DLC. But I mean, where does the line of DLC to Microtransactions stop? Because for me buying extra content in the game is a microtransaction in itself. Still, I don’t think anyone is too bothered if I’m honest. Only I am, and that doesn’t really matter.

Honestly what surprised me the most though was the difficulty of the achievements throughout this game. I did manage to get a few, mainly because one was to play a map made by another user. As for the other achievements, they’re going to take a lot of investment. Find eighty of the hidden squirrels? I mean, that shit is insanely time consuming and honestly not something I plan on doing anytime soon.


I liked Trials HD more. It’s an older game that has less content but is somehow much more fun. Take that with a grain of salt though, apparently I don’t like to have fun. From those that I’ve spoken to about this game, they’ve felt very much the same. Mainly because I haven’t spoken to anyone else about this game. It seems a competent enough bike racing time trial game but the only thing that separates it from the older games is the flashy visuals.

Honestly if it weren’t free I wouldn’t have even considered playing this. No amount of unicorn motorbikes and Rayman outfits can get me to pay for a Ubisoft game.

Trials Fusion
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