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Lego Rock Band Review


I’ve recently bought another Guitar Hero controller after going without one for a few years. Maybe I paid a bit too much for it, but it’s definitely worth it now that I’ve been playing Lego Rock Band. Out of all the bloody games I could have played it just had to be this one didn’t it. Well, that’s not true, I was playing The Beatles Rock Band for a bit, then realised Strawberry Fields isn’t in that game and stopped playing. Still, may as well knock out a review of Lego Rockband, right?

At its core, the Rock Band and Guitar Hero games have been ever so popular since they initially released all those years ago. For me, it’s something I like to play by myself. Considering this is essentially a massive party game, it should come as no surprise that playing this by myself is the most fun I have. The fun really comes down to the songs available to you, the user. For me, if you can get a few classics from the 70s and 80s in there, I’m good.

So how is the setlist for this game? Because, let’s face it, that is without a doubt the most important aspect. For me, personally, with my music “taste”, this is definitely the best song list in any of the games. That includes every Rock Band and Guitar Hero game. I’m going to put this down simply to the amount of recognisable songs within this game. Some great tracks feature too. A few Queen songs, Elton John, The Coral, Blur, Bon Jovie and David Bowie just to name a few.

But that’s just my music taste, I’m sure googling an entire songlist for the game would yield results. Even if you don’t like the songs on this game you can always just buy different ones. Actually, don’t do that, they’re bloody high prices for what they are.

As expected, there is a career mode which you can play through at your own leisure. For me, I blasted through it on hard as quickly as I could. I only failed one song and that’s because I had to itch my nose. Most songs I was able to five star pretty easily, and I’ve got wrists made of paper chains or something. There weren’t really any difficult bits to the songs if I’m honest.

For the career, you of course go through the tradition of unlocking all the venues. What surprised me though is that there is a noticeable variety of both songs and venues. Apparently there are nineteen different gigs to play, so I was looking forward to unlocking them. Then I remembered that it literally doesn’t matter where you perform the songs at and I stopped caring.

The small majority of songs that did in fact feature a form of solo weren’t too difficult. Hell, some of the songs I enjoyed listening to were not fun to play. Notably is We Will Rock You which is devoid of any difficulty whatsoever, apart from the final solo. For the majority of that song you’re just mindlessly strumming away into oblivion. See that’s a problem I never expected if I’m honest. Usually you’re supposed to be having a challenge and increasing the difficulty. But even on the hardest difficulty a lot of the songs weren’t honestly too challenging.

On the flipside of course, a lot of songs in this game are a lot more difficult than they should be. A notable example for me is Kung Fu Fighting, a song I play as irregularly as I can. Still, compared to the Band Hero iteration, it seems that the difficulty has been pushed as much as it possibly could.

Maybe I’m expecting a little too much from a game for children. Still, it’s the only game in the entire Rock Band series that has this many recognisable songs. Some personal favourites of mine along with spectacular songs that pretty much everyone likes. What’s That Coming Over the Hill is on this game and I honestly had no idea it was at first.

Graphically speaking, the frets and so on have been stylised to look like they were made out of LEGO. To be fair, it’s a nice touch that doesn’t impact the game at all, so more power to them. A lot of the graphics in this game do have the charm that older LEGO games have. It sort of fits in quite nicely with the rest of the series in the LEGO video game lineup.

I get that there are a lot less songs in this game than others in the series, I really do. But for me, I’d rather have a handful of songs I would enjoy playing than a load of others that I couldn’t care less about. Playing some screamo shit on Rock Band 2 isn’t nearly as fun as belting out Let’s Dance on this game. That’s not to say that this game doesn’t have some pretty bad songs though. The aforementioned Kung Fu Fighting being one. It’s all down to personal taste really though isn’t it.


To me, the Guitar Hero and Rock Band series has always been lacking in one way or another. I think it’s mainly down to the choice of songs throughout. Sure, there have been those one or two hit songs that I enjoy. But, other than that, everything else was just filler or stuff that I didn’t enjoy playing. What Lego Rock Band provides is a very enjoyable song list that is without a doubt a whole lot of fun. This game is a lot of fun whether you’re playing alone or with three friends.

Overall then, a very good entry into a genre that pretty much died out a few years later. It was good while it lasted. No, I haven’t played Rock Band 4 yet, I doubt they have Crocodile Rock. See the problem I’m going to have now is that Lego Rock Band has set the bar pretty high. No, I refuse to pay every time I want to play a song I enjoy, thanks Guitar Hero Live.

Lego Rock Band
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