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Dying Light: The Following Review


You know, I really enjoyed Dying Light when I first played through it. For me, it was a good blend of zombie destruction and parkour. One of those is very fun to me, the other is the reason I still haven’t finished Mirror’s Edge. Regardless of that, I wanted a bit more of Dying Light, and so I purchased the DLC, The Following. But can Dying Light: The Following live up to the fun I had with the base game?

The short answer is, well, there isn’t a short answer that I can really give you. Everything within this DLC comes down to whether or not you enjoyed the base game. If you did, then you’ll probably enjoy this expansion, which takes us out of the city of Harran. Instead, we go to the beautiful, barren and zombie infested countryside, where we meet a whole host of new and eccentric characters.

I do feel as if the parkour aspect of the game has been shoved to one side. For Dying Light: The Following, there’s definitely more of a focus on just blitzing through the story and kicking some zombie ass. There are no dangerously high structures to scale like in the first game, and I do suppose that’s a shame. A lot of cliffs and rocks are in the way of making the map of this game a lot smaller than it should be.

In essence, to provide us with some new content the game would need to add something different. That could mean some new enemies, which the game does provide. Not that they’re the biggest improvement on regular old zombies, but giant like creatures roam the map. They’re like mini boss battles and you get a bit of extra loot for killing them. Not bad until you realise you can just stand out of view of the monster and blast it away with a shotgun. Still, a nice addition to the game was hidden away in these boss fights.

They could definitely prove a challenge at times. You couldn’t just glitch these fights at every turn, some were a real challenge. But then you remember you have that shotgun. Then you remember you’re out of ammo so you just grappling hook away. There isn’t really any consequence for failing these mini fights, and that’s the way I like it. Not because I kept failing them, but when you’re within the radius of one I usually turned 180 degrees and set off in a different direction.

As far as the plot goes, again it is rather interesting. Is it an improvement on the base game? No, because it’s a continuation and in no way really needed to be better. You head to the countryside because apparently these people have found a permanent cure to the virus. Also because you’re running out of the temporary cure from the first game. You run into a weird cult who have full control over the zombies, and from there things only get deeper and weirder.

While I did enjoy this new DLC, I’m pretty sure nothing in the weapons department was added or fixed. That’s a lie, they added a composite bow which I used once and once only. Again, you can’t beat an engraved shotgun, especially not a bolt. At least they tried adding something new, because to be fair I don’t think I would have paid £15.99 for the same game.

There are a few let downs to this expansion pack thing though. Mainly my problem is the length, the content is there, but the overall story doesn’t take long to complete. You shouldn’t be able to complete half of the story in two hours. See they seem to have added a lot of filler in between missions. Not actual missions, they’ve added a whole bunch of fields for me to traverse. Luckily you do get a car with the durability of chocolate teapot to travel around in.

To be honest, I ditched the car. It was more or less something I had to micromanage. Making sure I had the correct parts and enough fuel to get from one side of the map to the other was insultingly boring. It’s not something I focused on if I’m honest. Still, a neat addition. But the only reason it is a neat addition is because the map is just empty. I get that’s the point, but come on. I’ve no clue if this map is bigger than the original, I doubt it is. If it is then it’s just because of how many fields have been added into the game.

Make sure you complete the base game before venturing into this DLC.

The cars themselves can be kitted out with flamethrowers, mines and turbo. So long as you unlock it first. Because it wouldn’t be an open world survival zombie game without levelling things up. It’s not as bad as the base game though, with only one new skill tree being unlocked for driving. Like I’ve said, the driving isn’t something I did often so no real harm done if I’m honest.


I have one piece of advice before you purchase this DLC. Make sure you’ve completed the base game and gotten your mates to drop you some overpowered weapons. It makes the DLC an utter breeze and blast to play through. Also, play this with some friends, if you have any. I’ve honestly never understood the appeal of playing through a zombie game without friends.

Overall though, Dying Light: The Following will definitely be a must buy for fans of the game like myself. If you weren’t too keen on the base game, this is literally just Dying Light meets Mario Kart. I suppose it’s better than nothing, they tried something new and it pays off to a limited extent. If it weren’t for the open fields then the car system really wouldn’t have worked. Even the cars have their limits though.

I’m not going to spoil the story or ending, but to me, the ending and payoff was one big pile of shit. You’ll see what I mean.

Dying Light: The Following
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