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Telltale’s Guardians of the Galaxy – Episode 3 Review – More than a Feeling


We’re pretty much half way through this video game series now. So far, it has honestly been pretty mediocre at best. Still, there’s always room for improvement right? Well, there most certainly is. But this episode is not the one to prove that. Really it’s a lot worse for a hell of a lot of reasons, and I’ll discuss them throughout this article. More than a Feeling, a good song, a bad bloody episode.

I may as well start with what few things do go right for this episode. It is of course no surprise that the musical score for this game continues to be exceptional. Definitely the weakest so far, but still a nice entry that does fit the game. The only problem is it’s one song per episode. For me, that really isn’t enough for me. But I can’t complain really can I? Given that the episode was so short, there probably wasn’t enough room for more than one song.

You know, having all of these songs in this game is going to disappoint me in a few years. I’ll hear Dancing in the Moonlight and remember that it was in that really mediocre Guardians of the Galaxy game. A lot of the achievements are related to song names, so I mean, that’s as close as I’m gong to get.

At least the achievements were easy. What else were you expecting from a Telltale game? It seems that this episode is one of the quickest to complete though. That is of course all down to the ease of all Telltale games with achievements. 200G every episode is really the only thing keeping me coming back to this game.

I do have to give some credit to both the animation and the character design, of course I do. At first I really wasn’t the biggest fan of the new design of these characters. Now that I’m getting used to them and playing through the games in little bits, it becomes a lot more welcoming. As for the animation, there’s a lot more to show off in this episode. It feels like those that are animating everything weren’t constricted like the first two episodes. Instead of that soppy story we had in episode two, it’s a lot more of a filler episode. Because of this, I suppose they thought they’d let their artistic flair out a little bit.

Now of course, there are a hell of a lot of problems. Somehow they’ve managed to dip the bar below mediocre. I think there’s a number of obvious reasons for this. My main theory is that this episode is far shorter than it should be. I started this episode at twenty to one, finished it at twenty to two. In the morning. Still, I was very surprised that it was such a short episode, especially considering a lot happened.

See the problem with this episode is that it tries to cram in so much at once. We go from dealing with the problems of the past two episodes along with adding on two more problems. While I appreciate the game is trying some new stuff, there’s not enough room to do it. We even play as a multitude of different characters. Quill, Gammora, Nebula and not just in little segments either.

You don’t control the characters. See it seems that Telltale games have ever so slowly taken out as much gameplay as they possibly could. Literally, all you do is choose what you say and do quick time events. Apart from the final act there literally isn’t anything that the user really needs to input. I don’t get how the game can expect users to continue playing if there’s little to nothing that the user can do.

Leading on from that, the dialogue was forgettable at best. For those that have played this episode, please, give me one line. Because as far as my memory serves, there’s literally nothing about this game that I can actually remember. See, for the other two episodes so far I have in fact been able to remember one or two of the lines. No, “I am Groot” does not count. There’s a big story arc in this episode and I honestly cannot remember a single bit of it.

I briefly mentioned earlier that there are some quick time events that the user has to “take part” in. Well, they’re about as fun as you’d expect. They’re no fun at all, and even the quick time events in this episode seem to be lacking quite a lot. In the first two episodes it was a Dance Dance Revolution conga line of button prompts. Now even the game is sick of it, seemingly not really caring whether or not you push the buttons.

Trying to pack an emotional punch for the third time in a row is getting really old (Guardians of the Galaxy – Episode 3 – More than a Feeling)

This episode also does try and pack an emotional punch like the previous episode almost managed. Of course, since the first episode was for Peter, the second for Rocket, the third is of course for Gammora and Nebula. Obligatory connection with the characters so we can highlight their faults at the end of the episode commences. It’s a plot thread that they’ve followed for three episodes, and it got old at the second one. Now it feels like they aren’t even trying.


I feel like I gave episode two the benefit of the doubt last time. Sure, it wasn’t as good as episode one but it did feel like it was advancing the plot rather nicely. This episode though, episode three, is nothing but filler. I’m no longer excited for the game. Everything that has been done in this episode has already been done in the previous two. An emotional storyline that tries to just jump on the “we can make you cry” bandwagon, and it really doesn’t work.

Bring on episode four I suppose. Let’s be fair, it can only go up from here, right? Nothing could possibly go wrong now, right? My hopes are not going to hold out for episode four. I was going to buy the new Batman game for when I finish this. Not likely after what I’ve just played.


Guardians of the Galaxy: More than a Feeling
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