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“Women waste too much time in front of a mirror”

Do women spend to much time on their appearance?
Do women spend too much time on their appearance?

“Women waste too much time in front of a mirror.” If you’re a girl you’ve definitely heard this. Whether it’s someone taking the piss out of women, or the fact that you’re making everyone late by fixing your appearance (whoops).

I recently read an article making a point about this mirror problem. About how girls worry too much about their appearance. And how guys only spend fifteen minutes getting ready before they are out the door. Leading guys to get more opportunity and girls are left behind. You get the picture. The message being women don’t need to worry so much.

What I think?

For one side, I definitely would agree. I would get so much more done if I didn’t worry about putting on foundation, eyebrows, eyes, lips, etc. During exam time in school, I skipped makeup completely and showered the night before so I didn’t waste so much time in the morning. Sure it helped, because I was far too stressed about exams to worry about how I looked. After that, I became so used to not wearing makeup I just tended to keep it minimal and go out. I felt more confident. So all in all, sometimes ditching makeup is an easy, less-stressful thing to do.

However, sometimes we women want to look a bit extra? There’s no shame in that at all. Makeup is actually creative, and the way I see it, potential art. Even I wake up and think what weird creation am I going to do today? Makeup has the ability to give that little bit extra confidence, we don’t really need it, but sometimes it’s kinda nice to have. I’m also super impressed by people who can do perfect contour and eye makeup in an hour, like that is amazing. You know what’s equally amazing? Women who aren’t afraid to go bare faced anywhere. Empower both.

In conclusion?

Both men and women are judged for their appearance. Recently, a bar had controversy over an advert they published as they were looking for “good-looking staff”. So is it any wonder people feel self-conscious about the way they look? In that if they don’t look good enough they won’t fit in, or get equal opportunities as other people if you decided not to take your appearance too seriously. I do feel we need to make people feel more confident in the way they look, in that you don’t need to wear makeup for people to take you seriously. But if you did want to wear makeup, that’s totally fine too.