Animal Farm

George Orwell’s classic literary novel is going to finally get the adaptation it deserved. A video game! Video game news for me isn’t something that I report very much, but it’s important to report the stories worth noting. This game’s announcement provides us with something new, a nice breath of fresh air into an industry I may have very well fallen out with.

A game for the 1945 book Animal Farm may not be something you had initially sought out to play. I can’t say I’d ever thought of wanting to play something like that. But now that it’s been announced, I can’t help myself but say this. I am so looking forward to this game. Literally, there is nothing more in the video game news right now that I am more looking forward to. Step aside Call of Duty: WW2Animal Farm is where it’s at.

A faithful adaptation

The announcement was made by Animal Farm Game today on Twitter. Coincidentally, this announcement ties in with the actual release date of the book, 17th August 1945. So, a video game adaptation of a book that came out seventy two long years ago. I’m intrigued to say the least.

Currently their Twitter account is sending out a couple of tweets and giving a general idea of what the game will be. One such tweet stated this:

“Animal farm is a true literary classic. Faithfully adapting this novel to a game is a huge challenge and responsibility.”

I couldn’t agree any more with that sentiment even if I tried. Adapting a novel into a video game is extremely difficult and the creators of this game will have to be very careful to either stay faithful to the source or give their own interpretation. Either one is going to be difficult to deliver.

Genre and gameplay

Right now, nothing is currently known about the genre and gameplay. There are no screenshots of the game either. That’s to be expected, but right now I’m just happy we’re getting something new and unique for the gaming industry.

My bet for the genre is on either point and click adventure or some form of simulation. Either one would be fine with me, but if it’s a first person shooter then maybe I’ll struggle to channel the Orwellian vibes. You know, if this game goes well maybe we could see an adaptation of Nineteen Eighty-Four or even Coming Up for Air. Either way, it’s a new vein that is about to be tapped into by some very talented individuals.

Still, as long as it’s better than Animal Farm (1999) the film then they’re on the right tracks. For me, a fan of literature, I’m very much looking forward to the game as a whole, both as a fan of the gaming industry and the book Animal Farm. Hell I did it as my English course last year, it would’ve been a lot more enjoyable if I had a video game to go along with it.

As long as the video game is nothing like the movie then that’s absolutely fine (Animal Farm – 1999 – CC. Hallmark Films)

What we know

Don’t think we’re being left in the dark completely on this one though, we do know a couple of things about the game. For example, their Twitter feed has currently became very active and is speaking vaguely of the game. On top of that, their official website does give us one or two bits of information.

The game is to be developed by veterans of the industry, and I’m sure a list of names will be revealed sooner to the games release. As a whole, the website is vague in its relation to content within the game, but that’s to be expected. Instead, they’re tapping in to the world we currently live in, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. Maybe that’s why the project exists, the parallels between politics and the message of Animal Farm are clear.

It’s an opportune time to release a game like this, and if they can pull it off we can expect a groundbreaking game.

You are part of the farm

This was mentioned on their website, and from this we can gather one or two things. I’m simply making suggestions and predictions, but my guess is that the game may be a simulator. Maybe you play as one of the pigs, who knows. Maybe you’re just a regular farm animal. Either way, we’re going to be able to have a unique perspective and retelling of the novel. That is what excites me the most.

Maybe it’ll be like Rebuild where you slowly but surely spread your influence and eventually control the city. Maybe it’s going to be like that. But with farms and a lot less zombies.

Still, if that is in fact the route they take then the possibilities will be great. Because right now they have an untouched source material ripe for the adaptation to video games. As long as the execution pays off, they can take this game to any genre they see fit.


Personally, I am very confident with this game. I look forward to its release. In fact, it’s one of those rare games I will in fact be picking up at launch. As they said in one of their most recent tweets:

“Orwell said he wanted ‘to fuse political and artistic purpose into one whole’ in Animal Farm. And we aim to do the same with this game.”

Of course, there is always the chance it can go wrong. That’s always a chance. A lot of games do receive negative criticism, that is if they see the light of day. I’m very optimistic about this project though, why wouldn’t I be?

We can only hope that they have the same reception Orwell did with his work. It’s always nice to see a new project being worked on in the industry. Maybe that’s why I’m so excited though. After years of playing games like Hannah Montana: The Movie and Damnation, I’m ready for a chilling Orwellian game. For the first time in months, a video game has got me excited. Thanks George Orwell, you dead bastard.

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