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What can I honestly say about Back to the Future (1985) that hasn’t already been said? I mean, really, what else are you expecting apart from a perfect score. I have watched this film a countless amount of times. It’s an utterly perfect and phenomenal film in millions of different ways. Still, we may as well have a look at what makes it so perfect. Read on my for Back to the Future review.

Even before the film had started and the DVD menu had the music playing, I was enjoying myself. That’s most probably because I absolutely adore the films soundtrack. Let’s be fair, who doesn’t know the soundtrack for this film. I will admit one thing though. Using Power of Love four times in the first twenty minutes of the film was bloody annoying. Sure, it’s a good song but my God you don’t need to play the first thirty seconds that many times. That’s basically my only quarrel with this film though to be fair. An amazing soundtrack that has a song that is far too overused.

Now what’s absolutely the most important part of Back to the Future is its plot. It’s rather simple really. Marty McFly is sent back to 1955 in the hopes of preventing the death of Doc. Brown. However when he saves his father from being hit by a car, he has to get his mother and father back together. Hilarity of course ensues as Marty tries to blend in and make his way back to 1985. Did I really need to explain that though? I mean, come on, it’s a classic story that has been heard by nearly everybody at this point.

Of course, when you’ve seen this film so many times like myself, you begin to pick up on the small background details. When Marty is hanging on to the back of a truck on his skateboard, there are signs that state “Re-elect Mayor Goldie Wilson”. Obviously later on when Marty is in the 1950s he gives him the idea of running for mayor. It’s stuff like this that has a great impact on the film. Marty is inadvertently changing things about the past to make his future better.

Marty McFly is arguably one of the most recognisable faces in cinematic history (Back to the Future – 1985 – CC. Universal)

There are a lot of minor villains in this film. Obviously the main villain is either Biff or time itself. These minor villains are very infrequent but are staple characters of the series. Strickland is a notable villain, he drives the comparisons between George and Marty throughout the film, calling them both slackers. A villain you may not have picked up on is the woman that wants to save the clock tower. If you think about it, Marty gets clockblocked by a cock tower. I mean cockblocked by a clock tower. There we go, try not to think about that too much.

Unveiling the DeLorean is still one of cinemas best scenes for me. The smoke billowing out the back of the van as it reverses down the ramp. It’s on par with some of movies greatest scenes. But what makes the DeLorean is Doc. Brown. More specifically, how Christopher Lloyd plays the character. There is nobody that can play this part better than Christopher Lloyd. Name one other actor that could play Doc. Brown. No, exactly, there isn’t another person that could have played this part so brilliantly.

I did notice a few comparisons between myself and Marty McFly’s parents. Mainly that I have the confidence of George McFly and drink like Lorraine McFly. Still, George and Lorraine workout alright in the end. See, you watch through a film like Back to the Future and you begin to see foreshadowing. It’s difficult to review a film you’ve seen so frequently because there’s nothing I can criticise. It’s a truly enjoyable film.

Actually, that’s not true there is one other thing to criticise. Because it’s 1985, the CGI is quite definitely terrible. But at least there isn’t much of it, right? The majority of the film relies on actual physically made visuals, rather than computer generation. You know which scene I’m talking about, where the DeLorean goes forward in time for the first time. The fire trails are quite honestly terrible. Furthermore, why are Libyan terrorists driving a camper van? I mean out of all the vehicles they could use, a camper van doesn’t seem like the one to choose.

How did that dog live for over thirty years? Einstein is a great dog, I do love him, but he’s seen in 1955 and 1985. Unless I’ve missed something and they’re two different dogs. Either way I can’t believe that dog lived for 30 years. Still, it’s such a small problem isn’t it. Comparatively speaking, Doc in 1955 is much more insane than the Doc in 1985. It’s still the same character, but I believe it’s because we see much more of the 1955 Doc. All that happens to the 1985 Doc is that he’s gunned down by Libyans. Guess that’s not too crazy compared to what 1955 Doc gets up to. My only concern with Doc is that, no matter what year it is, you should never wear a fedora.

The on screen chemistry between Christopher Lloyd and Michael J. Fox is phenomenal (Back to the Future – 1985 – CC. Universal)

One question I’ve always asked myself is what genre is this film? It could be a comedy because it does have some funny moments. Maybe it’s considered an action film because it certainly does have a lot of action within it. I hesitate to call it an adventure film though, yeah sure they go to a different time period, but it’s not to the extent of Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981). So an action comedy film? I mean, Back to the Future is one of those few films that doesn’t really have a genre.

What I would recommend is watching this film and then looking at the trivia on iMDB. Eric Stoltz was supposed to play Marty McFly. There’s trivia and facts like that, it just interests me considering how rich of a history this film has. There is something a bit strange I noted about the plot, and that it’s basically based on incest. Still, swings and roundabouts really isn’t it.


The writing is perfect, what else can be said about it? Memorable lines, an intricate plot and above all an amazingly good viewing experience. All of this is down to the writing. We wouldn’t have such amazing characters like Biff or Marty if it wasn’t for the immense talents of Zemeckis and Gale. Couple that with a perfect cast and you’ve got yourself an intensely brilliant film.

You know, after watching this film over and over again, I never truly appreciated the plot until now. It’s all about standing up for yourself and getting what you want. So long as there’s a time travelling DeLorean to help you out then your life will be great. George McFly basically punches his way to a happy life, and I think we can all learn something from this. Joking aside, this is one of the best films of all time. It’s arguably the greatest trilogy of films to ever release. Breathtakingly bold, comedically sound and above all one of the most memorable and outstanding film experiences you will ever witness. If you haven’t seen this film then you need to watch it, if you have seen it then watch it again.

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Back to the Future
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