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For those that don’t know, Piers Morgan is… well, I’m honestly not sure. He’s dabbled in programmes like Britain’s Got Talent (2007 – Ongoing.) which is about as fun to watch as it is to boil turnips. You’d probably get more stimulation boiling turnips. He’s also had his own talk shows, with Piers Morgan: Life Stories (2009 – Ongoing.) being awkwardly insightful into the lives of celebrities. On top of that, he hosts cheery chat show Good Morning Britain (2014 – Ongoing.)

So why do people hate this man? Presumably it’s his rather brash and unpopular opinions, right? Well, I believe it goes deeper than that. His opinions actually do sometimes hit quite close to home with many people. Many of which have a general animosity against him, and rightly so.

So why do people like Piers? And what has kept him in the public eye for so long. Well, I think it comes down to three different factors. His unpopular opinions themselves work both ways for starters. On top of that he keeps himself relevant by toiling his way through celebrity feuds. Above all, he does have some saving graces that we can look into.

Unpopular opinions

Piers most certainly has some unpopular opinions. He’s very brash about his views, especially on that cheery chat show, Good Morning Britain. Twitter does seem to be his home as of late, tweeting such unpopular things as men with mental health issues should “suck it up”. He’s also questioned why women need to march for equality and decided a men’s march should be held also.

So yes, he does have some unpopular things to say. However on the flipside, when Piers is right about things, he is most certainly right. He has the public on his side if the issue needs a tough opinion from him. Take the most recent example, with Piers stating that former EDL leader and walking punchbag, Tommy Robinson, was a disgrace and that he should show some respect for people’s beliefs.

See, that would be an example of someone like me siding with Piers. But of course not everyone can be happy and people were very quick to take to Twitter. They stated he should have been given more time to speak. But as Piers pointed out, Tommy speaking was the problem he faced in the first place.

Morgans Twitter feed is where most of his rantings go, it may be worth a follow if you like that sort of thing.

Celebrity gossip and feuds

Like all good morning chat show hosts, Piers Morgan likes to brew up some hate. Ewan McGregor refused to appear on the show because of comments made by Piers. Not just McGregor though, Piers has had a slew of celebrity feuds that have been kept alive with gossip magazines. British footballer Michael Owen, actor Hugh Grant, even right wing blabber twonk Katie Hopkins. Nothing amounts to the feud with Jeremy Clarkson though.

Both Jeremy Clarkson and Piers Morgan are about as popular as drunken airline pilots, so it came as no surprise that the entire nation has fixated themselves on this feud for some time. Clarkson became a form of national hero, mainly because he punched Piers Morgan in the face and broke a finger. He told the nation that they were welcome. But since then, things still haven’t calmed down.

There’s a genuinely tense animosity between them that can’t be simply explained. Whatever it is it’s absolutely brilliant. Well, according to this article everything is all over. Still, it didn’t stop Morgan making some sly comments on Good Morning Britain (seriously a lovely morning chat show, sort of.)

Gun control

What you may not know is that Piers Morgan is stoutly against Americans owning guns. In a notably heated interview with walking conspiracy spouting plum, Alex Jones, he is on the receiving end of a verbal assault. Yes, back in 2013, InfoWars creator Jones and hatred creator Morgan “debated gun control”. I say debated, Morgan sort of just sat there as Jones got angrier, and redder.

Still, it’s good that Morgan is happy to say that he’s against the ownership of guns? Why? Because it’s his opinion. Yes, he supports the Republican President Donald Trump, but he isn’t afraid to challenge many policies set out by Republican presidents. But as Piers has stated, all he’s doing is putting his opinion out there because it’s his job to do so. There’s nothing wrong with that.

It’s worth reading through this article, which summarises a talk Piers held in 2015. He compares the United States to Australia, similar to what John Oliver did for The Daily Show. If you haven’t seen that then I suggest watching it to cheer yourself up after this article.


I may disagree with Piers Morgan on many levels, but I like him. Not because I enjoy celebrity gossip, but because his job is to give an opinion, and that’s all he does. Hell, this past article has been me giving an opinion, that’s my job. I think. Still, the point remains that, love him or loathe him, he’s a man that when he gets it right, he is most certainly right.

Sure, he’s got some very poor taste in opinions. But everyone is entitled to one, right? So yes, for every comment he makes about supporting Trump or hacking phones, he’s still got something vaguely good to say about sticking up for people’s beliefs. Sometimes.

This article may have been a sour read, so I’ll leave you with a favourite clip of mine. Not only featuring Piers Morgan, but my favourite comedian of all time, Jim Jefferies. Stay tuned for next week when I discuss why people like Katie Hopkins. It’ll be a short article, because they don’t.

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