The Stone Roses

“Don’t be sad it’s over. Be happy that it happened.”

Quoted front man, Ian Brown finishing their gig at Hampden Park, towards the end of their Stone Roses Glasgow tour. He proceeded to give a friendly group hug to guitarist John Squire and bassist Mani; followed by completely ignoring the drummer Reni.

Oh god what’s happened now?

And I’m very sorry to say ladies and gentlemen, the devastating news has been fully confirmed. The Stone Roses have gone and split up…again. The reason, however, is not yet clear to us and is yet to be revealed. If I’m honest, it’s not rare for Ian and Reni to clash as they have done many, many times in the past. In fact it was what originally kicked off the band’s split in the first place. But we don’t know the full story yet, maybe he wasn’t involved in the goodbye hug cos he was trapped behind a drum set? Those things are hard to get out of y’know.

Who Are They?

The Stone Roses formed in 1983 and reigned as Manchester royalty being a heavy influence for the ‘baggy shirts’ Madchester movement before splitting in 1996 due to band members disagreeing with each other, then leaving. Starting with Reni; followed by Squire. Ian and Mani disbanded shortly afterwards. They had plenty of greats like ‘Fool’s’ Gold’ and ‘I Wanna Be Adored’. Plus many more.

Each band member went and did their own thing, whether it was becoming a parent or joining another band. Ian created a fucking splendid solo career for himself (go and check that shit out). However in 2011 they all joined together to reunite and all was well with the world. People exploded and booked their tickets to see them immediately, both the young generation and those who’ve been there from the very beginning. That was until a couple of days ago of course.

We had 6 full years with them once again. Even though it doesn’t feel that long at all. I’m pretty gutted I didn’t get to see them in that short time to be honest. I had friends who went to see them almost twice a year. Each time they said they were amazing. It felt good to get such a massive influential band back, now it just sucks they’re gone again.

Whatever their reasons behind it, I’m sure everyone will wish them the best. Even if the band is no longer together, we still have their music to enjoy.

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