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Nancy Pelosi is under fire after another Democratic loss. You may remember Nancy Pelosi as the Speaker of the House for the last two years of the Bush Administration. Amazingly, the American people in their impotent wisdom also gave her the first two years of the Obama Administration. For now, she is the minority leader of the House of Representatives. Seeing your party go from majority to minority is often enough to make even that reduced profile difficult to maintain. But Nancy Pelosi is no ordinary disastrous leader of a political party. She is a master legislator. Just ask her.

Pelosi may survive because the Republicans struggle with¬†a basic¬†tactical chestnut. “When your enemy is destroying himself, never interrupt him.‚ÄĚ, it goes.¬†She may cling to power because she is, indeed, canny. She beat Steny Hoyer to ascend to leadership and immediately made him her second in command.¬†For the last 14 and a half¬†years, one less¬†power-hungry person has had motivation to keep opposing her. The member from the California 12th may retain her dominion because Democrats seem allergic to learning from their dumpster fires. Democrats who¬†want a leader with less in common with their party may have to pry power out of Nancy’s cold, dead, gavel-less hands. Lucky for them, she is 77.

Nancy Pelosi is Out of Touch

Seeing this image reversed is scary to voters all over the country. (Alex Wong/Getty Images)

Like the Demonstrably¬†Elitist Party she leads, Pelosi is most comfortable in her coastal enclaves. To my knowledge, this is the complete list of her cities of residence: Baltimore, DC, New York, and San Francisco.¬†Her district, the California 12th,¬†is¬†the highest income, highest property-value district in the land. Estimates of her personal net worth range from the respectable $101 Million to the pauperish $29 Million. She owns the Zinfandel Lane Vineyard and the Skellenger Lane Vineyard in California’s famous Napa Valley. So, at least she can relate to¬†agricultural laborers. In November of 2011,¬†Nancy Pelosi was one of the targets of a 60 Minutes expos√© on insider trading among¬†members of Congress. She purchased Visa¬†stock while she was among the elite few who could have known the status of a bill to limit credit card fees.

Pelosi lives in a bubble where her view of the moral revolution, abortion, and guns are completely unchallenged. The mainstream media, and much of social media, do little to raise any alarm. Meanwhile, in the rest of the country, they lose election after election.

Nancy Pelosi is a Relic of the ’60s

Like the Demonstrably Anachronistic Party she leads, Pelosi is obsessed with the “War on Poverty”. Her party¬†seems incapable of learning from their mistakes or the mistakes of government more broadly. The same boneheaded blunders they united around in the ’60s, when the New Deal and Jim Crow¬†ran out of steam.¬†This would be one thing if the mistakes were benign, but they have an overwhelming tendency to hurt the very people they are presumed to help.

Democrats declared war on poverty in 1964 when Lyndon Johnson was Commander in Chief. Nancy Pelosi¬†picked¬†up a metaphorical gun (the kind she is OK with owning). She¬†started firing at¬†the very concept of scarcity and lack¬†like the good metaphorical soldier she is.¬†Pelosi¬†is¬†quite bipartisan in her¬†blitzkrieg¬†on beggary.¬†She¬†shelled destitution¬†with George W. Bush’s “No Child Left Behind”. Welfare reform, whether advocated by Bush or Clinton, received no quarter from her. She tomahawked penury in a headlong charge to raise the minimum wage.

Of course, Democrats struggle with even metaphorical guns, so they hold them the wrong way round and make poverty worse. The poor today are trapped in public schools they are forced to fund, whether they receive¬†an education or not.¬†They have¬†no recourse to prove themselves at work instead because¬†Democrats cynically “help” with¬†truancy laws,¬†child labor laws, minimum wage, importing¬†cheap competition, and taxing/regulating¬†until companies look abroad for labor. Only the fantastically rich can make their own work because of licensing, zoning, and of course – more taxes, more regulations. So, the War on Poverty, like most wars on common nouns will continue until the heat death of the universe. And somehow, there will be ever more of the hostile common noun in question.

Nancy Pelosi is a Radical Moral Revolutionary


Like the Demonstrably Radical Party she leads, Pelosi also yearns for the moral upheaval of the ’60s. You can tell from the way she¬†devotes herself to¬†the broadening of the civil rights movement to the most self-parodying extent possible. Furthermore, you can see it in the way she pushes the sexual revolution of the ’60s into ever more bizarre territory.

The civil rights movement was a moral good. The sexual revolution was a moral ill. But combined they make a poisonous cocktail that sees liberty as only achievable when children are forcibly indoctrinated that it is a moral good for them to turn their genitals inside out. It is akin to institutional racism to allow foster parents to teach troubling Bible verses to their foster kids. True equality under the law must draft a baker into government service to bake cakes for whatever occasions the moral revolutionaries have decided we must all celebrate today. And it is akin to Jim Crow for a government building to have any stick figures on the door of a multi-stall bathroom.

Nancy Pelosi is Driving the Country Apart

Polarization in both parties is at an all time high. But only one party has made it absolute anathema to hold any positions that anyone in Opposite-Color-America could embrace. You can’t run as a Democratic candidate for¬†mayor of Omaha, Nebraska if you fully support legal abortion but personally oppose the practice. After all, that’s patriarchy, part of the war on women, a violation of a¬†woman’s sacred right. Needing to prove you are the person you are voting as is Jim Crow. Wanting to enforce current American immigration law is White Supremacy. Questioning if “questioning” can possibly be a gender betrays the progress we’ve made from Seneca Falls to Selma to Stonewall.¬†Even a little of¬†such evils¬†must be unacceptable. So Nancy Pelosi and the Demonstrably Radical Party are a match made in … San Francisco.

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