Theresa May Strong And Stable

It’s been a disaster for Theresa May. Over the past few days I’ve been very in depth and opinionated with my stance on the recent general election. Rightly so of course, it’s very difficult to talk politics without being opinionated. What I lack, though, is a form of opposition to fight against my arguments. There’s nobody that has bothered, either that or they’re thinking I’m right. So here is the challenge. If you feel you can argue against my opinions, then contact me. Please, I thrive on debate, and I really do need a good debate right about now.

Anyways, lets stand aside from that and look at the main problems I’ve picked up on this election. From my perspective and political background, these are the problems the current government now faces.

May lost her majority

To govern efficiently, the party in power needs to hold the most seats. Around twenty to thirty is considered a landslide and we’ve had plenty of those. Margaret Thatcher and Tony Blair definitely spring to mind in that regard. A two seat majority, with the support of a coalition, is certainly not a good start. Look back a month ago when the Conservatives were projected to win over 100 seats and you really need to ask what went wrong.

Now with only 318 seats, a hung parliament was created and nobody had enough for a majority. Still, with the largest amount of seats, it was up to the Conservatives to attempt a creation of parliament. The only way they can make a parliament currently is with the far right DUP (we’ve covered them in a separate article.) which will be about as well received as punching the Queen in the jaw. It basically was a bit like punching the Queen in the jaw. A far right Northern Irish party with heavy links to Ulster Unionist movements?

The problem with grabbing seats from Northern Ireland it worsens an already major problem. Not even John Major went looking for seats in Northern Ireland, because he understood what a major change that would be. Northern Ireland is a political time bomb, and it’s going to blow up in Theresa May’s face sooner or later.

The gains of Labour

Jeremy Corbyn, leader of the Labour party, had not had a good start to his leadership. He survived two leadership debates and managed to keep himself at the helm of the Labour party. With that, he pulled it all together and at the last moment managed to increase the Labour majority by thirty. Now for some reason people are under the vague impression that he lost. Let me push this idea forward, he most certainly didn’t. This article on how they actually won this election explains in a lot more detail than in this article.

But the gist of that article is quite simply they did better overall. When compared to the failures of the Conservative party, it most certainly looks like Labour are the real victors. They’re strong, confident and now have an opposition that’s simply tearing itself apart. The best place for Labour to be right now is in opposition, they can watch the government fall apart and strengthen their own party at the same time.

To understand how well Corbyn has done, lets compare him with other Labour leaders. He’s managed the largest swing (9.5% swing for Labour) since Clement Attlee in 1945. He’s increased the Labour majority by thirty seats since 2015. Hell, he even beat the seats held by the Labour opposition in 2010 under Gordon Brown by a good eight seats.

May is likely to resign

Lets go back to last year for a moment. The day David Cameron resigned, there were five hopefuls discussed for leadership of the country and party. The overall winner was Theresa May. Now why do I bring this up? Because I’m fairly certain that within the next few weeks and months, there’ll be calls for another leadership debate. At one point this week, Boris Johnson was the most likely candidate for the leadership of the Conservative party.

Other hopefuls for the leadership bid would be Michael Gove (again), Amber Rudd, David Davis and of course, lets have a wildcard, Jacob Rees-Mogg. Anyways, those hopefuls may be getting their shot at the Prime Minister role very soon. Theresa May is still delusional to the point where she keeps repeating “strong and stable” on a form of evil loop, peering into interviews with nothing more or less to say.

Still, would it really be that bad if someone took over? Not for Labour it wouldn’t be. All potential figurehead candidates are to be less well received than Theresa May was. May hasn’t even got the best public opinion currently, so to have a public opinion worse than Theresa May is extremely and evidently bad.

Brexit and the DUP

Brexit is the hot topic on everyone’s minds, and by “hot topic” I mean everyone is worrying about the uncertainty it will evidently bring. Still, it can’t all be that bad, right? Well, if the DUP weren’t showing their ugly, racist head then maybe, just maybe, the Brexit negotiations would be fairly smooth.

I mean it’s not as if Theresa is helping the Brexit campaign in the first place. After cocking up an election to the point where she looks unstable, she now has to go to Brussels and reverse the work of Edward Heath. Still, the problem she has now is that she’s going into the negotiations looking extremely weak. She’s called a snap election and drastically failed. Can her party truly go into this Brexit deal with any ounce of dignity now?

Boris Johnson speaks for himself, the man is a genuine joke of a politician. Liam Fox, all I know about him is that he lost the leadership election last year and that’s probably all I want to know. As for David Davis, he’s just a bit weird isn’t he? The only reason he has any fame in politics is because this cocked up world has created him a ministerial position.

What does it mean for the future

Well, we’re buggered, aren’t we? I mean, there’s no way the Conservative government can recover. What everyone is predicting will happen is that we’re going to have another general election. Most likely because you can’t govern the country with the smallest majority in recent history.

Labour could quite easily win the election now, and to be fair why shouldn’t they? They’ve created a youth vote increase, have a fully costed and brilliantly socialist manifesto. And, the best part is that it isn’t Theresa May.

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