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The DUP are quite possibly one of the most ridiculous, right wing parties of all. I’m not saying the right wing is ridiculous, people have their reasons for being on that wing and I respect that. What I don’t respect is anyone who can truly get behind what the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) stands for. A snivelling, hate filled group, that have lucked their way into power because of a power hungry Prime Minister.

What can really be said about the last few days in politics? Our biggest party is in genuine chaos. The opposition is in the best place possible right now. Above all, Theresa May is the laughing stock of Europe, nobody there will take her seriously during the Brexit negotiations. Right now she’s being propped up by an extremist party for the smallest majority government of all time. This is smaller than the first government of Howard Wilson, which only had a four seat majority. At this point there isn’t much Theresa May can do. It’s important we know who the DUP are.

Why the DUP?

British Prime Minister Theresa May featured with DUP leader Arlene Foster PAUL FAITH/AFP/Getty Images)

Well, the basic question is one that has a convoluted answer. Simply put, the DUP managed to gain ten seats, which is just enough to manage a majority government for the Conservatives. But as a wider question, why would the Conservative government go anywhere near the DUP?

No other party wanted to go into a coalition with the Conservative government. The Liberal Democrats said they wouldn’t because Nick Clegg has left a sour taste in our mouths. Scotland and the SNP outright refuse to support the Conservatives however did pledge their support to Labour. As for the other parties, UKIP has literally no seats, the Green Party refused their one seat and independent MPs either haven’t been consulted or refused.

Still, some Conservative MPs are supporting it. On the flipside, there will most certainly be those who are stoutly against this coalition. For those members, I strongly believe you should resign. Not because I do not believe in your ability to lead a constituency, but because I do not believe in your parties ability to lead this government.

A strain on Ireland

You know the IRA? Apparently they’re still a pretty big thing in Ireland. England (and by extension, our government.) have tried to maintain peace within the two divisions of Northern Ireland. By using this coalition with the DUP, they’ve managed to recreate a problem we sorted with the Black Friday agreement years ago.

Britain, for the most part, really shouldn’t get involved in the politics of Northern Ireland. It’s not a stable place to be, especially with the outlying problems of picking a political side. You’re going to alienate a lot of people by picking a side in Ireland. Hell, even the former Irish Prime Minister, Enda Kenny, has expressed concern over the deal. He warned it would jeopardise the peace within Northern Ireland, and of course it will!

For the Conservatives to fling the IRA stuff at Corbyn these past few years and then cosy up to a party with relations to the IRA is irony at its best. Theresa May warned of a coalition of chaos, she just didn’t mention she’d be the one in charge of it.

Difference in Manifesto matters not

The Conservative Manifesto, a slap in the face to the elderly, immigrants, youth, working class and everyone that wasn’t Rupert Murdoch

Surprisingly, the DUP want to keep the triple pension lock and Winter Fuel Allowance. The Conservatives want rid of that, but I presume the DUP can bend backwards and let that one slide. A difference in Manifesto doesn’t matter when you’re propping up a shitty government by a two seat majority. Still, does their manifesto differ on anything else, apart from the elderly?

What really differs is that the DUP want to take us back to the early sixties, they stoutly refuse to believe or accept numerous social policies. They don’t believe LGBT people should be allowed to be married. The DUP also doesn’t understand climate change, they don’t believe in it, so, by extension, do not understand it. On top of that, they’re anti-abortion, so if you’re gonna die having that baby, tough shit. On top of that, they’re pretty much anti-women’s rights too. Remember that fight we had for equality, well lets knock that back a few more years.

Well, presumably we’ll be wanting the DUP negotiating our Brexit deal with us, even though they want a soft Brexit and the Tories want it hard. Their commission has been named at least. The Conservative and Unionist Negotiating Team Strategists.

Corbyn and the Queen’s Speech

After “losing” the recent general election, Jeremy Corbyn planted his arse on Andrew Marr’s sofa. He came across as relaxed, impressive and, above all, hopeful. And that’s really what Corbyn needs to do right now if he wants to write a letter to the Queen. I should point out it is very genuine that Jeremy Corbyn could become Prime Minister. It’s a very specific process, but allow me to explain how that can happen.

If the DUP and Conservative deal falls through (it most probably will), then Theresa May must return to the Queen. She must admit that she hasn’t been able to form a government, at which point, Labour can put forward their letter and attempt to maintain a government. If I’m honest, given the current political climate, the best place for Labour to be right now is in the opposition.

Sure, I would love to see Jeremy Corbyn and his socialist manifesto in power, I cannot wait for that. I can guarantee that will happen. However, now is not the time. Right now as Corbyn sits atop the political mountain, the Conservatives are pulling themselves apart. Boris Johnson is a mess of a man, Michael Gove has reared his ugly head again and Theresa May is delusional. Now, if anything, is the perfect time to be in opposition.

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