Paul Nuttall Resigns

After winning no seats for his party in last nights election (including his own), Paul Nuttall has resigned as leader of the UK Independence Party. It comes as no real surprise that he has resigned. What can only be described as a car crash of a campaign soundly resulted in Paul Nuttall being taken away from the public eye.

Nuttall’s attempt at reinvigorating UKIP backfired drastically after the party have won zero seats. Out of everyone in the country that voted, less than 600,000 voted for UKIP. It isn’t all down to Nuttall though, although he played a major part in the losses of the parties stance. Both Labour and the Conservatives managed to appeal to UKIP voters and gain extra votes from the right wing party.

Boston and Skegness swiftly rejected Nuttall’s attempts at gaining a seat, with the UKIP leader coming third overall in the polling.

Nigel Farage to return

This may be the reason for Nuttall’s resignation also. After stating last night that he (Farage.) was worried of a Labour led coalition, he hinted a return to politics was on the table.

I love Nigel Farage. Not that I agree with him politically in anyway, the man is just as bad as Paul Nuttall. The reason I love him so much is that it gives the press something to talk about. There wasn’t a single thing that Nigel Farage could do right in his time as UKIP party leader, and the press noted it. For now though, nobody knows if his return to politics is for definite. Hell, they don’t even know if it’s a return to UKIP. For all we know he could join the Conservative party, or stand as an independent.

Is there a need for UKIP?

An interesting conversation to have with UKIP supporters now is that the need for UKIP has diminished. Not entirely, I’m sure up until post-Brexit there’ll be those wanting a UKIP government. However, the main basis for the party itself was to secure a Brexit decision, and that seems to have been achieved. After that, what’re they going to do next? They’ve surprisingly achieved their goal of a Brexit vote, and now they’re going to flounder around in nothingness. I mean that’s what they were doing anyways but still.

Nuttall resigning may truly signify the end of UKIP as a whole. Not because he was a strong leader, but because they’re not a strong party.

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