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Now that the election results are pretty much fully in, I can start writing a lot more about them. What people in the UK will have noticed is that this snap election sees the Conservatives as the largest party, but with no majority readily available to them. What’s happened is they’re the biggest party, but they have no power at all. No party has met the threshold for power, and that’s a hung parliament.

What is a hung parliament

A hung parliament is a considerably bad outcome for everyone. Really what it means is that there has been no majority reached by an party. The Conservatives missed out on twelve seats and therefore couldn’t reach that threshold. Labour on the other hand would have needed 48 seats to equalise with the Conservatives.

Currently the Conservatives are in talks with Irish parties to see if they can actually manage a slim majority. This most likely will not happen, and at that point it’s up to The Queen. What I can guarantee will happen at this point is that we’re going to have a coalition. According to various polls and so on, we’ll be looking at a hung parliament and a coalition.

A hung parliament is where no party has enough seats to govern the country. At this rate, the most likely outcome is some form of coalition. That’s all I can say, that’s what everyone is repeating literally everyday of the week right now.

We can always hope

Currently Theresa May is scheduled to have a meeting with The Queen to discuss the future of a minority government under her rule. If she cannot create a government out of her coalition, she has to go back to the Queen and say she could not do it. At that point, the Queen would have to put Jeremy Corbyn in charge of the election.

That’s such a long shot, but it’s a hopeful one, right? Corbyn fought the campaign well and hard, so it’s completely possible that he could walk into Downing Street as the new Prime Minister.

One thing can be for definite though, we’ll have another election very soon. Maybe not this year, but perhaps next year. Either way this election goes, no government is going to have a strong enough margin to actually get anything done in their constituencies. At this point, the results of the election don’t matter. Nobody has won overall.

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