Snap Election Jeremy Corbyn Wins

Hear me out on this one, because that wont make any sense if you tune in to any news channel right now. The Conservatives have the most seats, yes, and that’s obviously angered many. But don’t worry, there is so much going right for Labour right now that Labour has won in the long run. He hasn’t won the election, but Jeremy Corbyn has led the Labour party to a victory that seemed unprecedented at the start of last month.

Labour close the gap

The Guardian website provided some very nice graphics this election

In 2015 the Labour shadow cabinet, led by Ed Milliband, failed spectacularly. The Conservatives managed to just about pass the 326 seats by themselves. Compared to 2015, Labour has managed to close such a small gap and this is phenomenal. Because they’ve managed to gain 30 seats (Kensington just announced the majority was Labour.), it means they’re going to have more say in politics.

Somehow Corbyn managed to turn so much vilifying hate at the beginning of his campaign to almost nationwide support for him. Just think about if there had been this much support for him in the first place! Labour would be in government right now if that’s what had happened. Still, I can wait a few more years, don’t worry about that.

I mean, Corbyn himself increased his majority in Islington North by 10,000 or so votes. He now holds 40,000 votes in Islington. And you remember Diane Abbott, right? That politician people are making fun of? Well, she also increased her constituency votes, and received more votes than Theresa May did in her constituency. Keep that in mind, because even if there are more/less voters in different places, they all equal the same thing. Abbott and Corbyn did better than May in their local seats.

Theresa May and the DUP

Right now, the Conservative party is aiming for a coalition with the DUP. Theresa May is so hungry for power she is willing to sell out on her election promises and public opinion, just to gain a two seat majority. There’s basically universal pressure for Theresa May to resign as prime minister after what can only be described as politically shooting yourself in the foot, only to have the bullet bounce back into your brain. After not trying in her campaign for the entire election, May is either panicking or delusional in her race for British parliament seats.

Everyone else has finished the race and is pretty happy with where they are currently. Theresa May is doing another lap to prove she can, but she’s just tripped over a fox, somersaulted through the air and knocked herself out. Oddly specific metaphors aside, it’s not going well for the Tories, and socialists like me have waited a long while for that to happen.

It’s the youth wot won it

The youth vote is finally being heard, loud and clear; Labour.

If you don’t know what that’s a reference to then you’re either too young or don’t do A Level history. Anyways, the youth turnout this election was phenomenally high. I myself didn’t vote because I’m a year too young. What scares me though is I’m more politically intellectual and engaged than some people who can vote. So it comes as no surprise that the 18 – 24 voting turn out was a whopping 70%. It could be higher after the Kensington votes, but I’ve got no clue.

The point is, the youth turned up and voted. Most are predicting they voted for Labour. Maybe that’s because they wont benefit from the cuts, or because they actually care for other people. Still, whatever the case may be, the youth have had their say and older generations of Tory are hating it. The Sun once ran a small piece in their paper that showed Tory voters ways of keeping the youth from voting, from making them breakfast to giving them some of the Devil’s lettuce. Whatever the cost, the youth can’t have their say! Well, they did, and the baby boomer generation are pissed.

See, the best part is that, in twenty years time, when my generation is the middle aged, we’ll have a socialist society. Now I don’t say that with any factual basis, but because I know my generation. We’re all for Labour, 99% of the people I am (or have been) friends with are Labour voters. Love them or hate them, they’re voting Labour and that’s fantastic.

The Sun is not for turning

See what I did there? I did a Thatcher joke. I got paid to write that and there’s nothing you can do about it. The reason for this brash joke is that, quite simply, The Sun and other right wing papers have gone against Theresa May today. The papers varied still of course. Minor changes in the tone of voice were seen in The Daily Mail and Telegraph. Of course on the flipside, The Sun proudly proclaimed how Theresa May’s popularity and majority had taken up deep sea diving and jumped as far down as it could go.

Now, I’ve got another article focusing on this that should be up tomorrow. If anything, the right wing media have simply rejected Theresa May. Not by supporting her, but by attacking others. You may have seen them support her during the lead up to the election, however look at the drastic shift in tone. Not only are the right wing media against Theresa, they just don’t have the same influence anymore. Print based journalism is dying, and the blatant ignorance they had to Corbyn’s victories was the final nail in the coffin.

My opinion and prediction

I’ve been told by a few of my readers that this is what they like to see. You know who you are, thanks a lot for reading my work, there’s a lot more on the way. I’ve been called a number of things during my work as a political writer. The majority have said I should be an MP, have a great talent for writing and above all am of very sound and correct mind. Others have said I’m a commie loving freak that should be hunted like a fox. Anyways, here’s my prediction as to what will happen.

Keep in mind that the best outcome the Conservative government can have is a two seat majority. They will not be able to pass anything. Labour have won in that regard. By banding together, they haven’t won the election, but they have managed to prevent anything significant from going forward other than Brexit, which will literally correlate to setting yourself on fire with a fire extinguisher.

May will have no choice but to resign. When that occurs, Boris Johnson is the most likely person to be leading the Conservative party. At that point they may as well break out the white flags. Johnson will have to call a snap election to get himself out of a coalition with a far right racist party. By that point, Corbyn and the Labour party will be increasing support left, right and centre. Corbyn honestly doesn’t even need to try. He’s got a map of all the swing seats and he’ll be focusing on those. Smart man.

By 2018, we’ll have a Labour government. Not the wishy washy Tory in disguise bollocks we had with Tony Blair. A proper, socialist government, that could genuinely save Britain from being the runt of the litter in Europe.

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