General Election 2017 Exit Poll

Exit polls are just predictions. I cannot stress that enough. Roughly an hour ago we received the first exit poll, and for the next six hours I’m going to be pushing out articles in relation to the polls. Anything important will get some coverage. But what is the exit poll looking like now?

Exit poll

Conservatives: 314 Seats
Labour: 266 Seats
Liberal Democrats: 14 Seats
UKIP: 0 Seats
Scotland National Party: 34 Seats
Other: 22 Seats

And that’s that. In its simplest form this is what people are predicting. What you’ll notice is that literally nobody has won. For first past the post to work, you need 326 seats. Nobody has that many right now, so the problem now is that we have a hung parliament. What this means is that we wont be having a single party government.

If you’re American, it’s like having the Democrats and Liberals join together and slam their votes into one big party. Whatever the outcome, we’re going to be looking at a coalition government in the United Kingdom.

Coalition of Chaos

Theresa May pushed the message frequently that there would be a “coalition of chaos” between Labour, Liberal Democrats and the SNP. Ironically, her own party will most likely be looking for a coalition with the Liberal Democrats or the SNP. Because of this, us Labour voters will be worried, right? Not in the slightest, mainly because the SNP party would down right refuse to form a coalition with Theresa. Scotland’s independence has been denied by the Conservative government, it’s very clear that they will not have a coalition.

As for the Liberal Democrats, there’ll be a definite hostility to a Conservative/Lib Dem coalition for two reasons. The first being Theresa May and the Conservative party have used nothing but slander towards Farron and the party. Hopefully Farron has some integrity and wont double over to the Tory’s. As for the second reason? Well, we had a Conservative/Lib Dem coalition a few years ago, and look how dreadfully that went.

Announced Seats: 23:09 PM

As of right now, two seats have been announced. Newcastle and Houghten/South Sunderland. Labour have increased their majority in both constituencies and also maintained their seats. Voter turnout has increased, which is always a good thing!

I should probably answer the question I set myself. What do the exit polls really mean? Well absolutely nothing is the short answer. They’re literally just predictions and they’re really just for the debate before we get into the actual seats. For the first hour of the show, they’re simply there to open up some debate. What needs to be said, is that Corbyn could create a Power Alliance. That is a definite possibility, and it may be our next government.

Right now, the Conservatives can’t negotiate their way into a coalition, not even with more than two parties. If that happened, the party is still short by two seats. Of course, that’s not to say Labour could pull anything out of these exit poll numbers either.

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