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Could the Kingsman franchise replace James Bond?


Kingsman: The Secret Service is a great film. Something that recently cropped up into my mind was what would happen if the James Bond film franchise dried up. If we reverted back to the times of post Moore and Connery, and we were left with some sub par action flicks. What then would happen? We live in a world where action films are almost as common as dirt. I recently bought a film bundle and was surprised that the majority were 2012 action films I’d never heard of.

That leads me to my argument. If the Kingsman film franchise can play its cards right, it can be on the way to becoming one of the biggest British franchises of all time. Even bigger than James Bond.

Watching the first film and seeing the announcement of the second film made me realise the amount of potential this series truly has. The parallels between this series and bond are unequivocally satirical and for Kingsman to get away with so much is brilliant. They re-captured the camp and zany prowess of the 70s Bond films.

Kingsman: The Secret Service managed to build up a momentous cast who are to take on larger roles in the second film, Kingsman: The Golden Circle. Mark Strong, Colin Firth and Taron Egerton are all set to return in the second film. Still, they’re to be joined by new big name actors. Channing Tatum, Jeff Bridges and even Halle Berry are all set to star in the second film. Now, the reason I think the films can survive over fifty years, is this.

The thing about the Bond franchise is that nearly every main actor changed at one point in the series lifespan. Hell, John Cleese was in the franchise for a few films as Q. That’s the amazing part about codenames. Early on in the film there’s a character named Lancelot who is given condolences from the rest of the service. If it’s a codename, then anyone can fill the same position.

A franchise would fully depend on one or two actors. Taron Egerton is the one it would rely on the most. He’s young right now, but over the years there’s a lot they can do with his character, it’s the familiar face a huge franchise needs. A bonus would most definitely be Mark Strong, who basically plays a trainer character that can be used for newer agents.

All the pieces start to come together as long as Egerton and Strong remain. Hell, there are even ideas of a spin off available given the new introduction of Statesman, the American branch. Prequels, sequels and spin offs are most definitely all possible to create a huge franchise. Reading interviews, both Matthew Vaughn and Taron Egerton are especially excited to begin work on a third, making the series a trilogy.

The best part about spy films is that they can get away with so much and not feel the consequences. Kingsman can definitely use this to it’s advantage. But the real question that needs to be answered is could the series really replace Bond?

Kingsman can be the next Bond

It’s not that far flung an idea. We need a fresh British film series to take over from a rustic formula. What’s so good about Kingsman is it’s so fresh and intriguing. The first film had a stellar cast and the majority that weren’t killed off are set to return.

There are so many actors the series could bring in. Comedy actors that have left the limelight. There are so many of those. Jim Carrey would be a great example. How great would it be to see Jim Carrey storm in as a Kingsman agent? I’m sure it could be done and done quite well.

Sarcastic. Pessimist. I write what I think, hopefully you enjoy that.