London attacks 2017

London Breaking News. At 22:54 P.M. in London, an eye witness account of a truck driving through people was given. From there, we have learnt a number of different facts. More than one person is dead, but we don’t have a definite number. Three men are on the run for an attack in a different part of London. Shots have been fired. It’s chaos, but this article will try its best to make the chaos as understandable as possible.

Police response

Police hurry through the streets of London. Their priority according to Metropolitan Police is to get people off of the streets.

Within seven minutes of the reported attack, police were on the scene and cordoning off the bridge where the initial attack took place.

Twenty minutes later, at 23:21 P.M., another attack on Borough High Street was responded to. The panic is spread across the city, with police literally advising the public to “run as fast as you can”. In the current scenario, this is definitely the best advice people can be given. Run as fast as you can, get home and get to safety. The public have been told to run as fast as they can in a westward direction and away from Borough. Shots have also been fired and reported to the police, however it is unclear whether or not it is police or more attacks.

It has been confirmed that police are searching for three separate suspects in relation to the attacks.

Eye witness accounts

BBC reporter Holly Jones was on the bridge at the time of the first attack and gave an eye witness account to the press. She stated that the van was being driven by a man at “possibly 50 MPH”. By the time the van had reached the other side of the bridge, five people were being treated for serious injuries. According to this account, the van was heading towards the south side of the river within central London. It was later reported that the man was seen being arrested, handcuffed with his shirt off.

Two minutes after the police response, images of the attacks were seen. The photo used as the featured image is one of the first images to circulate post-attack. The image was taken at Borough High Street, where a second attack took place.

Impact on transport

An odd topic, but a relevant one none the less as it has in fact had an impact. National Rail have stated they will not be stopping any trains at London Bridge, Waterloo East, London Charing Cross or London Cannon Street. It has recently been reported that London Bridge station itself has been closed to the public. The bridge itself and presumably Borough High Street and the Vauxhall area are closed to all transport other than emergency.

It has been confirmed that some train stations are now opening however others are remaining closed.

Public response

It’s heartwarming to see people such as Meghan give as much help as she can.

As usual with these horrific attacks, the outpouring of the public has been quick and helpful to those involved. Many took to Twitter to maintain a sense of calm and also to provide help for those panicking.

What we know so far

The police have confirmed there has been more than one fatality. Reports suggest also there is more than one incident. This is definitely the case, with Vauxhall, London Bridge and Borough all being hotspot locations for evacuation.

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