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So, the inauguration happened and now Donald Trump is the USA’s 45th President. Is it a bad thing? It is a good thing? Who knows, it’s all down to your opinion. But I went on a mission to find out the definitive answer. Well, not what America thinks, but what Britain thinks. Actually, no, what I think.

Now, there are a number of things to consider about Donald Trump. I should clarify that this isn’t an article on him personally, but his congress, presidency and public itinerary that has so far littered his campaign and rise to power. You may have a different opinion to me, and that’s great! But I’m going to sit in my elitist, British bubble for the next few paragraphs and yell about things that can’t and won’t change.

Image depicting Ewan Gleadow, writer of this article and what the aims of this article are

Now, the main thing for this article is that there will be a lot of humour. Well, humour that I find funny, mainly because this article is just so bloody depressing to write. I mean, have you seen the state of the world we live in right now?

I have a big list of bullet points below, so I guess we’ll just work through them one at a time. After that, we’ll have a bit of fun and analyse his Twitter feed. But other than that, kick back, relax and read on. It’s going to be a long ride.

The Popular Vote

Now, in America, you have three different places you need to appeal to. The public (popular vote), the house and the senate. Trump won the house and senate, whereas Hillary won the popular vote. I’m not denying this wasn’t democratic, it was. The people voting one way and getting something else is all part of democracy, so it’s wrong to call it undemocratic.

What is wrong though is the fact that Donald Trump believes he also won the popular vote. Trump actually lost the popular vote by one of the biggest margins for any president elect. This is actually five times bigger than the second popular vote loss. George W. Bush lost the popular vote by 500,000 to Al Gore, but still became the United States President.

Of course, good old Donald Trumpinator couldn’t stand for that shit. He took to Twitter and this is what he had to say:

That’s a rather big claim to make, saying that three million people voted illegally. Surely he had some means of backing this evidence up, right? What do you mean he didn’t. Oh blimey, Donald. Mind you, he does state he won the Electoral College in a landslide and that is technically true. But that doesn’t make up for the fact that he lost the popular vote and claimed he won it.


For the next part, I can’t really comment on too much. Mainly because there’s too much to comment on at once. I genuinely don’t know where I could start with this. But thanks to The Mirror for compiling a list of his ten worst sexist comments. In the words of Willy Wonka;

So much time and so little to see. Wait, strike that, reverse it.

I should comment on one or two of his more recent comments I suppose. I do want to talk about everything in detail there’s just so much to talk about. Obviously there’s the infamous “grab her by the pussy” one and using the word “infamous” was probably wrong but you get what I mean. It’s interesting to note, however, that a number of people that worked with Trump on The Apprentice have said that Trump made sexist comments about the contestants. His campaign denied the claims, because of course they did. What’re they gonna do, say that the claims were correct? No. Moving on.


Remember Hitler? You know, the guy with the funny moustache. Well it turns out that, much like Hitler, Trump has the support of the Nazi party. Neo-Nazi, white supremacist and all round numpty, Richard Spencer is a notable “fan” of Trump’s work. In an amazing game I just found and played instead of writing this article, you can punch him in the face. Punch a Nazi is a short little game created by Super Deluxe and, boy, is it fun. You give a big old punch to Richard Spencer, Milo Yiannopoulos and Adolf Hitler. The three amigos of Nazi life.

Now I’m not saying that they’re Nazis. I’m just saying that they’re in a game called “Punch a Nazi” and that Richard Spencer was punched in the face for being a Nazi. Along with that, Milo is ultra-conservative and Hitler was the embodiment of Nazism. I’m not stating they’re Nazis, just implying it.

Along with punching them in the virtual world, you may like to see Richard Spencer being punched in his pearly whites. And only whites. Because he believes that white people are supreme. Anyways, jokes aside, here he is getting a fist in the face.

I don’t condone violence in protests. Definitely not. I do condone violence against Nazis though.

The Apprentice

An even bigger topic than this is the amount of blatant lies Trump has managed to produce. I’ve deleted numerous apps on my phone to be able to showcase some of the best lies so we may as well analyse his Twitter now. So these Tweets vary from the 06/01/2017 to 23/01/2017. These are the Tweets I have currently, but I’m sure I’ll sprinkle in a few more when I read through this later.

Wow, the ratings are in and Arnold Schwarzenegger got “swamped” (or destroyed) by comparison to the ratings machine, DJT.

So lets kick it off with something so small and petty it baffles me that the President of the United States is tweeting about it. Trump used to be (and still is) a reality star. When he began running for president, he couldn’t really fulfil his role as reality star and Arnold Schwarzenegger took his place on The Apprentice. For whatever reason, Trump didn’t like this and decided to have a go or something.

Donald Trump, or obviously as he prefers to be called given that this Tweet suggests he is “The Ratings Machine” is very petty when it comes to this sort of thing. In the midst of riots, protests, and even more of that sort of thing, Trump still managed to “find time” to insult the new show. This is only one example. Another is much more recent, where he managed to plug The Apprentice within a prayer. A wordsmith, and a moron, both at once. And of course, because The White House is under the thumb of Donald Trump, they defended him.

Luckily though, we got a fantastic reply from Arnold.

Yeah, you tell him Arnold. Maybe you should slap him up a bit, yeah? Terminate him. Go on, Arnie, do it. DO IT. DO IT OR YOU’RE FIRED.

We’re now at a stage where The Terminator would be a better choice for presidency.

Anyways, after that, there hasn’t been any response. Bearing in mind at the time I’m writing this (03/02/2017) it’s only been 22 Hours since his response. Mind you, Trump has been active on Twitter this past hour, so we’ll take a look at that later.

Mexico and The Wall

The dishonest media does not report that any money spent on building the Great Wall (for sake of speed), will be paid back by Mexico later!

Remember that time Donald Trump said he was going to build a wall and make Mexico pay for it? Yes, apparently he actually meant that random foamy babble that he was saying. He literally meant he was going to build a wall. And he also literally meant that Mexico was going to pay for it. However, what he forgot to mention is that America would actually be paying for it. And then Mexico would give them the money, without any diplomacy applied to the situation.

So either Donald Trump was lying, or he was going to build a wall and then rob Mexico of all its pesos. Either way, it’s undemocratic and isn’t going to go through, hopefully. I’m not sure why he wants to build a wall when there’s already a fence. Presumably it’s to strengthen the fence. Trump wants a very independent America, a bit like in the 1920s. And we all know what that led to…

Following on from that previous Tweet, he stated once more:

Dishonest media says Mexico won’t be paying for the wall if they pay a little later so the wall can be built more quickly. media is fake!

The last sentence there. “Media is fake!”. I don’t really know how to comprehend the stupidity on display. Yes, the media sometimes exaggerates or makes it hyperbolic news. But the media doesn’t lie. For example, the BBC, it’s government ran, so there is an element of “this is what they want you to hear.” But of course, there are independent channels such as ITV, Sky and Channel 4. Hell, in the USA they have CNN. But, of course, Trump’s favourite is Fox.

He basically juxtaposes everything he says. He says the media is fake, yet fully endorses Fox and basically declares it the countries news channel. You have to remember that in politics there are two wings. Hold on, I’ll explain this.

Basically, it’s left, right and centre. In the UK, Labour is left wing, Conservatives are right wing and Lib Dems are centre. There are also much more leftist and right winged parties. These are considered extremist parties. Communists on the left, Facists, BNP and UKIP on the right. The left are socialist, the right are twats more traditionalist.

Anyways, Trump is right wing. Republicans are right wing, Democrats are left wing. News networks are also on different wings. CNN is an actual news channel, Fox has Glen Beck, so it doesn’t count as a news channel and is more or less now Trump’s platform. Not that he needs a platform, he’s the President.

Hello! Me from the future here, in good old 30/04/17. How’s he done? Great isn’t it. Well it has been some time since I added anything to this article and now it turns out you wont be getting that wall. Maybe it’s because it costs too much money, or maybe Trump has lost interest, just like he lost interest in the role of President.

Mocking a disabled reporter and then stating he didn’t

Oh dear. I haven’t really got anything funny to say about this bit, a lot of what Donald Trump does sickens me. It really does. Donald Trump mocked a disabled reporter, there’s no way around that. A bigger man would’ve came out, stated he did this, and then apologised. But what Trump did was just to do what he does best, deny the evidence. It’s sickening that a lot of people have either accepted or just brushed past this fact.

For those wanting to know the reporters name. Serge Kovalesk, google him. He’s an investigative reporter for The New York Times. Trump has on record went on to say that Kovalesk was grovelling in a letter he wrote about the issue. I’ve no idea how mocking a disabled reporter clears you for Presidency, but somehow it does.

At this point in the article I’d like to point out none of this is what is now called “fake news”. This is all taken from the official account of @realDonaldTrump, the account Donald Trump uses on Twitter. If you think any of this is fake, well, there’s no point trying to change your already closed mind.


I’m having fun with Twitter, but we’re almost two thousand words in and there’s so much to talk about. So instead of going through the other stuff I have, I thought I’d look at the biggest media problem of all. The inauguration was, in my opinion, a disaster. What irked me was some of Drumpf’s comments about the leadup to the event. Mainly;

A side by side comparison of Drumpf’s inauguration (left – 2017.) and Obama’s (right – 2009.)

No doubt you’ve seen this photo circulating the internet. Obviously it’s fake news though, people were scared of bomb scares obviously. People were obviously at work and couldn’t make it. So what makes Obama’s inauguration any different? People still had jobs in 2009, but everyone filed in to see his first inauguration.

I can gather two things from those two arguments, so lets break them both down.

1. People have jobs to go to so they couldn’t attend so the crowd is smaller.

Well, if that is the case, who created those jobs? Well, the past eight years had Obama in as president, so he created those jobs. That’s the most probable answer I can think of, and it annoys people when I say that. Obama handed over a pretty strong economic country to Trump, and it’s only a matter of time until we see what happens.

2. Bomb scares

I’m pretty sure there are bomb scares for literally every event imaginable. Name a large, public event that hasn’t had bomb scares. Your birthday doesn’t count. But, then again, it probably did.

Regardless of this though, there are a number of other things to discuss.


Lets just kick it off with one of the first tweets I saw from Trump.

Now. I’m no expert, but I don’t think the actual event quite lived up to expectations. This is because of a number of reasons. Firstly, a lot of the major celebrities that were asked just flat out refused or didn’t respond. Here’s a list of a few names that turned down the “opportunity” to perform. But, still, it’s not that bad. Who did Trump get to perform anyway? We’ll talk about that later.

Apologies if that image isn’t as big as the one above, I’m having trouble sizing the Twitter images. Anyways, five days before the inauguration, Trump said it was going to be a fantastic, breathtaking spectacle to behold. It wasn’t. I watched it actually, I thought it was quite funny if I’m honest. And by funny, I mean dull, dull, incredibly dull. But to be fair that’s all things politics, I’m glad it was dull. Dull isn’t the same as “did you see what Trump did at his inauguration”. We long for the days of when Trump was “dull”.

On a bonus note, that reply at the bottom of his tweet was correct.


This photo spread at an alarming rate. Usually what happens is the president-elect waits for the future first lady. This is the first time the president-elect has stormed off and left the future first lady behind. It’s an interesting, but novel concept. The world jumped to theories about what was going on. Most favourably was that the relationship between Melania and Donald. I’m not going to talk about it, everyone knows the story of it so far and I don’t care for it too much. This is an opinion article after all.


Take a look at the lovely information put out in simple English below.

Barack Obama (2013) – 20.6 Million
Donald Trump
 – 30.8 Million
Jimmy Carter – 34.1 Million
Barack Obama (2009) – 37.7 Million
Ronald Reagan – 41.8 Million

Taken from this specific source

So he’s actually correct in what he says. But wrong in his message about the previous viewership. 20.6 Million isn’t that much for a presidential inauguration, nor is 30.8 Million when compared to the other presidents. And it’s important to take into account that Obama was on his second term, most people had seen that before, so who cares.

Protests and Violence

With a number of Republicans and right wingers calling out left wing protest violence, it’s with a heavy heart that I say they’re quite hypocritical.

Here’s an article from The Telegraph that outlines the damage done by pro-Trump supporters. I’m not saying the anti-Trump rallies aren’t violent, they most certainly are. Well, in some cases at least. But if a pro-Trump supporter is going to call people out on violence, then don’t be a hypocrite. Oh, and here’s another riot in Berkley. It’s more of a footnote really, but it’s worth mentioning still. Violence is never acceptable, no matter what wing you’re on. Good thing these pro-trump guys don’t support guns. Oh, wait.

Alienation and Brainwashing

A stern and passionate looking Trump addressing a crowd with a relation to fake news.

Fake news. Alternate facts. Whatever you want to call it, they’re everywhere. Apparently. That’s what Trump wants you to believe anyway, and he’s managed to have his way with this. Lets make this very clear. Some time ago, reports went wild when Trump blocked CNN, The Guardian and the BBC were all blocked from conferences. That is dictatorial to say the least. You cannot pick and choose who gets to hear from the President. It’s silencing of the press, you don’t get to choose who is eligible to report your word and who is not. Because surprise surprise, this ban did not include Fox and Breitbart “News”.

But it’s genius by Trump to do this. His big push was of “fake news” and “alternate fact”, which, I should point out, is just bullshit. I’m not denying that news sources and print media will blemish and blow up certain stories for effect. Hyperbolic media is alive and well, it always has been and always will be. But when you’re pushed to the point of not being able to trust anyone because some guy with a gerbil for hair told you so, the world becomes a stupid place. You’re trusting a billionaire that there is fake news in the world? It is up to you to find out where the sources are from, who the reporters are and why they’ve said this.

Here’s what you do. Understand the difference between the left and right wing in the press. Take this article for example, this is a very left wing article. Why? Because it’s opinion. Now for all of my other news articles I keep central. Why? Because it’s news. News should not be opinion. But when your opinion conflicts with the news, it does not mean the news is wrong. If the BBC said “Trump bought a new hat”, someone, somewhere will deny it and say it is fake news. How can you possibly be sure of your opinion being fact? There is a blur of opinion and fact between both supporters and opponents of Trump, and it’s borderline insane.


Donald Trump, a Republican, so he has to be religious. Right?

You will never, ever see a non-Christian President. And that’s the problem really. I really oppose and stand against any and all religion. But regardless of my views, why would it be important to Trump? Well, he’s using prayer meals and so on to plug his former show, The Apprentice. In an excerpt from his prayer breakfast, Trump has stated two notable nods to The Apprentice.

The ratings went right down the tubes. It’s been a total disaster.

Without going into any detail just yet, we’ll move straight on to the second quote.

I want to just pray for arnold, if we can, for those ratings.

These quotes are directly from a prayer breakfast Trump held. Now, I’m not particularly religious, but I’m pretty sure you aren’t allowed to plug and mock television shows during prayer. You don’t begin it with “Dear Holy Lord,” and end with “and pray for those ratings boosts.”

Still, this is a much more minor point, considering I couldn’t give one shit about religion as a whole.

Mike Pence

The vice-president hasn’t come under the amount of criticism Trump has. Gage Skidmore

Pence has done well to keep himself out of the political light as of late. The most recent stories you can find on him are the criticisms of his rabbit’s Instagram page. But, if we look back a few months and years, we see the criticism builds up. Certainly not as much as it has done for Trump, but it does to a notable level. Pence once stated he was a “Christian, Republican and conservative” in that order. So, before politics comes his faith, which, is never a good thing.

Especially when you sign the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, which basically states that any business can use religion as a loophole. Any individual or business can “exercise their religious belief”. This accounts for a lot fo questions, for example, what religion is a business? But when you sign a religious freedom act and have opposition from “Disciples of Christianity” you know you’ve done something wrong. Although an additional bill has been signed, Pence still protects the bill to this day. Pence stated “we are not going to change this law”, and then changed it on April 2nd 2015.

March against Trump

Hundreds of thousands gathered on the streets to protest Trump all across the world.

When has there not been a march against something Trump hasn’t done? His inauguration is the smallest crowd size, especially when compared to the marches against him. The day Trump was elected, there was a march against him. Protests raged on every day, with a variety of subjects to protest for. Women, climate change, healthcare and more, there have been protests for anything and everything.

And it’s not just America that are protesting these changes, other countries are too. Britain is a main contender, marching against Trump in a general sense to pledge their support to those marching in America. If I’m honest, I didn’t march, not because I didn’t want to, but because it’s far too bloody cold to be marching about. But I definitely respect their decision to march, it’s certainly effective, it rattled Trump and made him complain on Twitter. The women’s march in Washington was the biggest politically motivated march in all of US history.

Old timer Trump

Donald Trump is the oldest president to assume office, currently at 70 years old. Getty Images

Okay, so this is more of a personal dig at his character, but it’s certainly important regardless. At 70 years old, Trump is the oldest president to ever assume office. Is this a problem? Well, yes, in a certain way it is. There’s a definite divide in political opinion between young and old, and it’s never been seen any clearer than with Donald Trump.

The majority of people opposed to Trump age wise were pretty young. Well, I say that, but there’s definitely a wild influx of age, however overall the age divide is now a problem. At 70 years old, Trump is the oldest man to enter office, and that means he’ll have 70 or so years of political opinion and lifestyle to create in his policies. Arguably, because Trump is older, he’s very traditionalist, rather than a new, fresh and embracing face of the youth. I can see why the youth themselves would feel misrepresented or at the worst not represented at all.

Also, mental health is a big issue as well. Not just for everyone, but more on Trump this time. He’s 70 years of age, and people are wanting him to serve two terms? He’ll be closer to 80 if he managed two terms, and people think that is suitable for a president? I can’t even see him making it to 80, let alone running for a second, more disastrous term. It’s not a personal dig, it’s just fact. Your health begins to decrease around that time and he’ll most likely die from the stress of not doing his job properly.

Obamacare Withdrawal

After a very slim victory, the Trump administration actually managed to do something. Their track record for doing things that won’t kill people is still at a hefty zero, but at least they can get things done sometimes. A vote of 217 for and 213 against. Five votes would have made a huge difference, but it’s done now, and we have to deal with that.

To give credit to Trump, which is something I find hard to do, he did say he would eventually repeal it. The first time he attempted to do so, he failed. He called it a minor setback, and, to some degree, he was right. He did manage to get the bill passed, but he’s left so many without healthcare that it can’t really be called a victory. Especially considering the slim majority it passed with.

The Muslim Ban

Of course this has to be here, it’s very hard to avoid such a big topic really isn’t it? Let me just say this. If you are an impressionable child of a faith that is under criticism constantly, think about this. The most powerful man in the world has just said “You are not welcome here. You are not American, we don’t care if you’ve lived here all your life. You have to leave now.” How radicalised do you think that child would be after being told this? They would be angry, and they would be scared.

Thus, a “Muslim Ban” was on the table for the Trump regime. Out sparked instant protests and controversy, to the point where the bill was not passed. Not once, but twice did this bill fail to see the light of day. A third attempt may be on the cards given the current climate, but I wouldn’t count on it. By all means lower immigration, but try not to target specific religious groups or people, because that’s straight up racism.

Steve Bannon

How do you drum up controversy? You appoint the former Breitbart Media owner as your Chief Strategist. I can see why he was appointed, I really can. Any way you look at it, the man has experience in the field of, uhm, strategy. But it can’t be denied that Bannon is a vile human being, moreso than Trump.

Actually, scratch that, Bannon is out. He was removed from the NSC quite recently. He has went on to try and ruin the careers of others by leaking to alt-right writers. The man is responsible for making one of the most ridiculous “news” websites of the 21st century, and for that I think it’s fine to point out what an erroneous tit he is.

James Comey

And last, but not least is James Comey. Not the man himself but the controversy that surrounded his firing. Would you agree that it would be irresponsible and shady to fire a person who was investigating your background? If the answer is yes, then please turn your attention to this.

For Trump to be so irresponsible is ridiculous. You don’t fire someone when you’re being investigated by them for treason. It could simply be down to bad timing, but judging from the track record of the Trump administration that seems very highly unlikely.

Comey is to testify against Trump after being told to stop investigating Russia. Good, more power to the guy, I hope it succeeds.


This article is just the tip of a very big iceberg that will continue to grow for the next four years. Don’t kid yourself by saying eight, you really think Trump is going to campaign into his late seventies?

There is so much I haven’t mentioned in this article. You get to a point after five months of writing and look back at how many things have gone wrong. I haven’t even included everything. We’ve not had time to look at more recent works that I’ve written on. No mention of the MOAB, Korea, China or even Betsy DeVos. Don’t worry, I’ll tackle them one by one. But right now, a bit of a break from politics for me. After five months of working on this article, I’m happy to say this is my argument against Trump supporters.

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