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Lego games are always something I’ve wanted to review and never gotten round to. I bounce around a lot of series and can never truly settle on one single series to invest in.¬†Assassin’s Creed II promised reviews of the other games in the series, but none are on the horizon. Still, my shifts in focus are frequent, and eventually I will get round to reviewing every game I own. That is my attempt anyway. Every film and every game.

We’ve been on a recent streak of good games recently.¬†Ghostbusters,¬†Star Wars: The Force Awakens and¬†Borderlands all received favourable reviews from me. Therefore, we need to continue that tradition.¬†Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga is without a doubt one of the best Lego games of all time. How is it possible that a children’s game is so perfect? Well, read on and find out.

The best part about this game is that it merges¬†Star Wars old and new together in the best way possible. Remember those dreadful prequels? Well, I don’t because I’ve never seen them, but I hear they’re horrid things. Anyways, according to fans of the series that I played this with, all the problems have pretty much gone away. You can throw Jar-Jar Binks off of a mountain as many times as you like with no real repercussions. That’s the best part about Lego games, you can do whatever you want.

Because they’ve basically mashed two games together, there’s a wide variety of characters to choose from and play as. From the main characters like Anakin Skywalker and Han Solo, to those characters you may have forgotten (or wanted to forget.) about, like Watto, or the Gonk Droid. Also, Indiana Jones is there, I’ve no clue why, but you can unlock him. It’s a pretty neat nod to the¬†Lego Indiana Jones game that followed I suppose. Such a wide variety of characters is easily mixed and matched in Free Play. It’s quite fun to take down the Death Star with a pod racer.

Star Wars: The Complete Saga allows a wide range of freedom after playing through the game once.

The majority of missions to me were a hell of a lot of fun. Most of them took place outside of vehicles, just you and some Lego characters advancing through the vague plot they present. A vague plot is excellent for a game like this, it allows a bigger focus on the humour. Everyone knows the story of¬†Star Wars, hell even I did after playing this and I’ve never seen all of the films. Still, if a game can present the basis of the story in a comedic fashion then what more could you ask for?

Of course, not all missions are good. By far my least favourite of all missions were, of course, the vehicle sections. Surprisingly, the pod racer mission was a lot of fun and is the best place to boost studs. However other than that, vehicle missions were something I skipped over when playing in free play. I didn’t want to struggle through the awkward controls and downright boring levels they gave me. Difficult and forgettable levels were in every story of the game, and it’s a genuine shame.

What is a saving grace however is the combat when not in these vehicle levels. Lightsaber fighting, arguably, has never felt so real. Not even¬†Star Wars: The Force Unleashed manages the scale of realism here. You hit an enemy with a lightsaber, they’re gonna die pretty quickly. Hell, all enemies in this game that aren’t bosses will die in one or two hits. That’s the best part about this game, tight combat and a bunch of enemies to power your way through. You’d be surprised at the amount of depth in a Lego game, but this is some of the best combat I’ve experienced.

Speaking of boss fights, pretty much all of them are unique and brilliant. Highlights include the fight with¬†Emperor Palpatine, Slave I and even General Grievous. My fondness for General Grievous may be why I have it ranked as one of the better boss fights. All of them are pretty fun and have their own catch. Darth Maul is a chase more than a fight and Count Dooku is a more straightforward button masher. There are no quick time event cop outs either, it’s just pure fun the whole way through.

Still, gaming is better with friends, right? Well, it is if you have any, and I did play this through with a friend for a few hours. We enjoyed ourselves, the best part was the duel mode. Basically a game of chicken but with lightsabers. A very fun aspect of the game ruined by the fact that you can slap the other person’s controller out of their hands and win the game. The campaign with friends is a lot easier, you can get through the game twice as fast. My only problem really is that this is an old Lego game, so both players need to be on the screen at the same time.

For those that like to complete games (like myself) you’ll be happy to know this is an easy 100% completion. It’s a grind to hell and back, but a completion none the less. I haven’t bothered to get all the minikits or gold bricks just yet, I’m about halfway through that traumatising experience. Still, if you’ve completed the first game and¬†The Original Saga then you’ve basically completed this game as well.

Overall,¬†Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga is perfect for nearly everyone. Those new to the series won’t feel alienated. Fans of¬†Star Wars will feel right at home. The only people that wont like this game is those who don’t like Lego or¬†Star Wars. Hell, even then there’s stuff in this game for you. What’s wrong with¬†Lego Star Wars is that after playing it for a decade is that it makes me long for the days of good Lego games. I won’t stop until I find a better Lego game than this, I’ve got to try at least.

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Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga
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