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Ariana Grande, in Manchester for her “Dangerous Woman” tour, saw the face of real danger yesterday. Normally, I would be up for mocking a tour name like “Dangerous Woman” – especially when applied to the famously petite and almost pre-pubescent-looking Ariana Grande. But, apparently, there are some creatures on this earth more vile and impotent than I imagined. Vile and impotent enough that teenyboppers and their mostly pre-teen girl fans are an existential threat. For small men like Salman Albedi, Ariana Grande and her fans must seem such a fearsome menace. Their worldview must be so infinitesimally weak, for bombs are the only solution to pre-teen joy.

Cowardly Salman Albedi, Ariana Grande Antagonist

I do not intend to psychologize Salman Albedi, Ariana Grande aggressor, terrorist of teen birthday bashes, adversary of adolescents, too deeply. The Warrior Woman of┬áthe Whistle Register┬ámay have said it best herself. “broken. from the bottom of my heart, i am so so sorry. i don’t have words.”, She said on Twitter. I don’t have many more words than she does, but how we speak about her antagonist matters.

Saffie Rose Roussos (source: South West News Service, UK)

This is a brute who needed a bomb to kill eight-year-old Saffie Rose Roussos. That makes him┬áa weak, pathetic pseudo-man. Put aside the willful evil of wanting to kill little girls. To use a bomb he has┬áto know that he wouldn’t be able to kill the number of little girls he would like to kill. Not before a real man (or even a tiny woman) kills or restrains him.┬áThe thing about going up in your own blast is that it removes the possibility of a little lady with a little Krav Maga restraining you and continuing your life of noble guerrilla warfare against little girls.

Thus, President Donald Trump’s characterization of Salman Albedi and those like him as “evil losers” is apt. Far from those who call it childish, I call it a simple truth. Speaking truth simply is hard. Speaking with complexity is easy. Truly, we are in a battle for hearts and minds. And these two simple words hit each target dead center.


These schoolgirl-slaughterers wrap themselves in the presumed moral mantle of the world’s second largest and fastest growing religion. They paint their fight as a noble one – exposing the rotten foundations of the decadent West. Surely, this cowardly attack exposes the rotten decadence at the heart of their own worldview.

Christians are confronted daily by things far more offensive to us than Ariana Grande could possibly be to anyone. When especially triggered beyond our self-control, we tend to use expletives, not explosives. When the Irish Republican Army used explosives, they were condemned with the nearest thing to expletives you can get from the Pope and Church they claimed to be fighting for. Of course, Christians are not unique in this. I have witnessed people of every faith, including Islam, with the capacity to use mockery or debate instead of bombings.

Nor can anyone truly still believe that these subhuman bids for attention will accomplish the final collapse of the West. Just as previous attacks on the same country have not. I saw ISIS scrambling (perhaps erroneously) to claim responsibility, but I don’t see any of these pathetic fools scrambling to claim the achievement of a war aim anymore. Bin Laden at least bothered to bluster that his attacks would provoke the collapse of a “paper tiger”. These wannabes have stopped even trying to give a moral accounting for their actions. So we should call them on it.


Liberals like to obfuscate by saying that the true root cause of terrorism is economic want. That explanation fails to account for the many academics, doctors, and children of wealthy parents who have chosen wimpy murder over using their skills to lift up their downtrodden brothers and sisters. It also fails to account for the lack of terrorism coming from much more impoverished areas not afflicted by this despicable ideology.

No, taking up the sword in this way requires a moral want, but it also seems to require a want of ambition and imagination. After all, there are lots of ways to fight back against the evil affects of Western culture on Islamic lands that have to be orders of magnitude more effective than the impotent rage of Salman Albedi, Ariana Grande concert craven. When a young man displays his lack of ambition and imagination by devoting himself exclusively to simulating mass murder in a video game, society deems him a loser. How can he possibly improve his status by devoting himself to acting out such unimaginative impotence in real life?

Calling Terrorism What it Is

Whenever something like this happens, commentators tie themselves in knots over how often to mention the assailant’s name. Of course, the concern is always that copy-cats will seize on similar plots to capitalize on the notoriety. I’m of the mind that you can’t and shouldn’t prevent the name from being broadcast widely. So I will name Salman Albedi, Ariana Grande dreader. I will name him an evil loser. I will name his victims, never saying the number, never all at once, never letting their humanity get lost in the counting.

(Source: Collect/Press Association Wire)

Saffie Rose Roussos was eight. She went to see a little bitty woman dance around on stage. Because she might not actually be that dangerous a woman. But if she’s dangerous enough to the pathetic ideology of these evil losers, she’s dangerous enough for any of us.

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