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Tattoos are one of the best things in the world, while simultaneously quite a tricky risk I will admit. It’s a risk because it’s there for the rest of your life, but it’s also a risk for being judged, sadly. I mean having gorgeous art inked all over your body permanently sounds amazing to me, but people are still of an age and time where they feel the need to complain about tattoos every single time they see one. Even on people they’ve never even spoke too. There seems to be this solid built stereotype of the kind of people who have tattoos. At the end of the day, it’s just art.

You may find it difficult to believe, but not each and every person who has a tattoo has been to jail or is addicted to hard Class A drugs. When you truly think about it, it’s pretty fucking stupid to assume that about a person because they wanted a nice pattern on their body, you wouldn’t bash a kid who draws on their hands (guilty). You wouldn’t mock a person who likes to decorate with henna (also guilty). And if you do then you really need to rethink your priorities in life. Society makes a big deal about not being judgemental and fighting stereotypes to be more accepting, but then won’t hire someone who has a drawing on their skin. Unless it’s a tattoo of a giant penis on your head, I don’t see how it’d affect someone’s ability to work.

Express yourself

Tattoos can actually be really important to a person, each tattoo will have it’s own story. Like quotes from your favourite song, poem or letter. It could be as simple as just to get a picture of your favourite animal. Perhaps it’s to represent where you come from? I know I want a shamrock tattoo because the whole luck o’ the Irish thing. Which to be honest if you look at historically, the luck of the Irish is actually pretty fucking terrible. But that’s beside the point I still want one. Being a tattoo artist must be the most interesting job ever, not to mention stressful if you fuck up, but you get to hear all about what the tattoo means. I say it’s rewarding but I bet there’s been times when they get requests they’d just rather not even think about.

Just in case you didn’t know what a shamrock was

Tattoos are just a really good way to express yourself and your individuality. Or one day if you’re having a difficult time you can look at your tattoo that means the world and get back into a happy mood. There was a trend to get a semi-colon tattoo to represent those who considered suicide but decided to live their lives through. It creates a community, and it allows people to be more respectful and it’s supportive. Tattoos aren’t a bad thing for bad people. One of the greatest things about tattoos is that there is endless possibilities for designs. Even to get your eyebrows tattooed, because why not? Sometimes that shit just doesn’t grow back.

All tattoos great and small

And why should you just draw the line at just small tattoos? I do love and appreciate small tattoos because they’re cute and simple. However, as soon as someone mentions a slightly larger tattoo or even better, a sleeve tattoo, everyone just loses their fucking minds. It’s actually insane. Especially when you’re a girl you get the whole script saying, “it’s going to spoil your beauty” or “that’s not very ladylike”. The most ridiculous being “tattoos don’t suit wedding dresses.”

Oh my god life over, it’s the end of the world. There is literally no difference between a guy getting a sleeve and a girl getting a sleeve, it’s just skin patterns. The whole ‘ladylike’ thing is pretty much one big social construct. I’m just not gonna go into it because I’ll go off on one (shock). And to say that tattoos don’t suit wedding dresses is such a stupid argument because that really doesn’t matter. Plus it’s bullshit anyway. Believe it or not, a woman’s first thought when she gets a tattoo, isn’t “I hope this suits a wedding dress”. I’ve seen too many episodes of ‘Say Yes To The Dress’, I know tattoos look good with wedding dresses. It’s simply just not a priority. The only bad thing about a large tattoo is that it takes up room that could be used for even more tattoos.

Tattoos of your idols

Tattoo’s that I absolutely adore and definitely plan on getting are music themed tattoos. Kinda band logos or silhouettes of certain artists. For instance, I want a Blackstar/lightning bolt tattoo as a tribute to the late David Bowie. A daft punk helmets tattoo also sounds like a good idea. Music means alot to everyone after all.

Rest in peace, Starman

However I brought this topic of discussion up with my brother, and he simply said, “wait till they’re dead”. At first I didn’t understand, but then it made sense. I’m not implying that these artists have done anything dodgy at all, but imagine if you got a tattoo of your idol then found out they had a massive stash of child pornography or something. You’d have to go around with a tattoo of a person who enjoys child pornography, how shit is that. So you do have to be careful who you idolise I guess. Sorry Rolf Harris fans.


This whole “Ah you’re gonna regret that later!” pisses me off. Why would they have even gotten it in the first place if they would regret it. People think it through when they get a tattoo, they are fully aware that it stays forever, you know why? Because they aren’t stupid. They are still allowed to like it, even if they didn’t think it through. Besides if they don’t like the tattoo and do end up regretting it, why is it any of your business? Shit happens, and you know what? It’s not your body so it really shouldn’t bother you anyway.  

So if you were thinking about getting a tattoo, just fucking do it. Tattoos tell stories, they’re interesting, they show you’ve lived your life right, because you did what you wanted to do. Even if people say you’ll regret it if you do, but, you might also regret it if you don’t. Why should you listen to other people? Obviously be careful about your choice of tattoo and tattoo artist so it doesn’t look awful. At the end of the day it’s art, people just need to stop being so fucking petty and find something else to worry about, trust me there’s loads you can choose from.

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