Harry Styles is the new Bowie?

Harry Styles is the new Bowie?

So lately in musical news, One Direction’s Harry Styles has dropped his new single ‘Sign Of The Times’, and fans are more than happy with it. Now that One Direction are now off doing their own thing, there’s been more competition between them all, all trying to release the greatest hit of them all.

‘Sign Of The Times’  was first played through BBC Radio 1 and the hype began. Fans and radio presenters were saying and tweeting how fabulous and great it was. Then someone mentioned it sounded like Bowie, and began comparing it. And it’s caused havoc. It all raises the question whether Harry Styles is the new Bowie. Now this has caused controversy between everyone, so this is my opinion on it all.

What I think

So I decided to hop on the band wagon and give a little listen to ‘Sign Of The Times’. Although I’m not a mega huge fan of One Direction, or Harry Styles, I have to say this was actually very good in my view. I cannot fault him or this song at all and I think he’s done a great job. Lyrically and vocally it’s beautiful as well as the melody and tune to go with it. To be honest, I can definitely see where the Bowie extravaganza comes into it. There is similar chords used within the song that were heavily used by Bowie and the way he delivers his vocals soulfully and emotionally is very similar to various pieces of Bowie’s past material. ‘Space Oddity’ for instance is very similar.

I can definitely hear the influences. After all, Bowie was a big influence for many artists like ‘Lady Gaga’ and ‘Arctic Monkeys’. Not to mention many Britpop bands like ‘Oasis’, ‘Blur’ and ‘Pulp’. When it comes down to it, we wouldn’t have a lot of artists if we didn’t have Bowie first to lead the way. He was an incredible artist and an incredible guy. ‘Sign Of The Times’ probably was influenced by Bowie, as perhaps a tribute, or maybe just because his sound is perfect. And that’s good, because it’s made ‘Sign Of The Times’ a successful song adored by all.

David Bowie
What I do disagree with though, is people saying that Harry Styles is the new Bowie. Sure, there may be similarities with the songs, but that doesn’t mean he’s a replacement. No disrespect to Harry at all, but you couldn’t replace Bowie ever. He’s far too influential and important to ever be merely “replaced”.

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