stockholm terror attacks

Just after 2 P.M. in the afternoon, an unidentified driver drove a truck through a department store in Stockholm, killing at least three and injuring many more. The Swedish Prime Minister has stated that this was an act of terror. Information available on the attack can be found in this article.

What we know.

The only available photo currently of the terrorist who drove a stolen truck into a Stockholm shopping centre.

So far, information is limited. But there are certain things we do know. The main report is that the terror attack took place on a street in Drottninggatan. There have been several injuries and currently at leas three reported fatalities. According to police reports, there have currently been no shots fired, however these reports have not been confirmed publicly. On top of this, the police have yet to figure out who was driving the truck, and it seems they are currently on the run.

The Swedish brewery company Spendrups has stated that the truck used in the attack was stolen from them earlier in the day. In an interview, Marten Lyth, the communications director of the company stated;

“During a delivery to the restaurant Caliente someone jumped into the driver’s cabin and drove off with the car while the driver unloaded,”.

Notably, the subway system of the city has been shut down, along with the central railway station being evacuated.

What happened.

At 2:25 P.M. a Swedish Radio station, Ekot, announced the attack and that three people had been killed. Twenty minutes later, the police began to receive information, and announced that they were looking at the possibility of a terrorist attack. Another minute after this and photos of the attack began to circle social media.

At five to three, the police confirmed that two people had been killed, along with many being injured. Shortly after this, the Swedish Prime Minister indicated that this was a terrorist attack, with Swedish intelligence agencies confirming this and stating it was “not an accident”.

Public reaction.

One of the many photos circulating around social media. A tragic and horrific attack in Stockholm has sent waves of emotion around the globe.

Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Lofven stated that Sweden “has been attacked”. Those in office blocks around the area were not allowed to leave their buildings without a police escort.

It’s obvious as to why the city is on lockdown right now. Why wouldn’t it be? A lot of comparisons to the Westminster attacks have been made in the fallout of the event. After Westminster there was an outpouring from the public and it looks like the same effect will be seen after the Stockholm attacks.

What people will be wanting to know right now is who carried out such a sadistic and horrid attack. Of course, it’s most likely that this person will be either captured or killed. That’s just what I think, that’s the track record for terrorist attacks. All we have to do is wait for this person to be captured.

However, two people have currently been arrested. Witnesses have stated that one of the men arrested is the driver, but these sources have not been confirmed.

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