little britain

Little Britain: 2003 – 2006
Created by: David Walliams and Matt Lucas
Cast: David Walliams and Matt Lucas

I’m pretty sure Little Britain USA is on this list already. If it is then great, if not, then just slap it under Little Britain. Honestly it’s been so long ago since we started this list I just can’t remember what shows are and aren’t on it. Anyways, regardless of my memory troubles, lets get on with talking about a half decent comedy show.

As far as sketch shows go, this may be one of the few to push the boundaries of comedy. Not in the witty, traditional way like Monty Python did though. More or less it went for the “lets see who we can offend and how” approach. It works well though. There are scenes in the film that will offend and that is fantastic, it shows I do have some humility left in me. From Nazis coming together for a social gathering to the overall representation of the working class.

Offensive for the sake of offensive.

The humour itself uses a number of characters. From Vicky Pollard to the “only gay in the village”, there are a number of unique characters showcased around “Little Britain“. Unsurprisingly, Walliams and Lucas came under a lot of criticism for the show. Not for normal reasons such as shaky writing of course, but for their representation of ethnics and the like. Most notably there are a few sketches throughout that depict “black and white minstrels” and the struggles of immigration.

It’s alright though, everything is voiced by the legend that is Tom Baker. But you’ll notice he isn’t under the cast list. That’s mainly because he doesn’t actually appear in the show and now I’m too lazy to change it to state his name also.

Where can you buy Little Britain? Everywhere. Check your local charity shop and you’ll find seven copies. I managed to get a new copy of Little Britain Live for 99p and it was brand new. Anyways, you can get series one through three along with the U.S.A. series and also the live show and the abroad specials too. Go for it, it’s not too shabby.

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