Damage to the metro

Ten people have been killed in an explosion between two metro stations in St Petersburg.

Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev has stated on Facebook that the explosion was a “terrorist attack”. The explosion case is still being looked into and checked for further possibilites.

What’s happened?

The Metro Damage
The metro damage

The case has been studied by Russia’s Anti-Terrorist Committee. The blast hit the train at 14:30 (local time). It occured between Sennaya Ploshchad and Tekhnologichesky Institut. The Committee said a second explosive was found, then made safe at a station close by. The explosion was from a briefcase that was left on the train. The damage has left a hole in the side of the train.

A number of people are left hurt from the attack. Seven more people died in the aftermath. Another victim died on the way to hospital and two more deaths occured later in hospital. The rest of the wounded were taken to hospitals.

The train driver continued on the route. Even after the attack. Doing this, he helped save the lives of the people and “helped prevent further losses” says Senior investigator Svetlana Petrenko.

At the time of the train explosion, President Putin was inside St Petersburg. He was meeting with Belarus President, Alexander Lukashenko, at the Konstantin palace.

Russian authorities are being careful before pointing the finger for Monday’s metro explosion. Security services will be closely examining CCTV and the rubble from the train for clues, as well as the second device that was found. So far after looking at CCTV footage, a bearded man has been spotted covered in a black hat and a black coat. They are still unsure if he survived the explosion.

Suspects of the metro explosion

They’re likely to focus on two possible suspects at this moment. First, an IS-inspired group angered by recent Russian airstrikes in Syria. And second, Chechen nationalists. Maybe a mix of both groups. Chechen militants and international jihadists have a history of planning to attack Russia’s transport institutions.

The St Petersburg metro closed and three days of mourning ensued. Traffic in the streets of the metro and around St Petersburg stood still for hours. Volunteers from the public gave lifts to people trying to get home because of the metro’s closing. Taxi’s and buses gave free rides to the public. President Putin gave his respects to those giving free transport.


Traffic caused by closing of the metro
Traffic caused by closing of the metro

As a result, the Moscow authorities stated they are taking extra precautions on the Russian capital’s metro. Airports, stations and many other public places are also being checked to ensure safety. It helps with preventing accidents and attacks like this in the future. Especially when in the past, Russia’s transport stations have been attacked before.

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