Do you want to help save the planet? Because there’s a super easy way you can do just that. Sure, recycling is great and you can have your own compost and all that jazz, but there’s something even simpler. Ecosia is a search engine that helps plant trees and tackle deforestation. So far, Ecosia have already planted over 7,000,000 trees thanks to smart people using their search engine, and the numbers are only going up.


How Ecosia Works

“Ecosia is a social business run by a small group of dedicated people. We work together to create tools that empower everyone to easily do good by planting trees. We believe our trees have the power to make this world a better place for everyone in it.”

People use Ecosia as their main search engine to search the web as normal. From this, search adverts generate income for Ecosia, and with this money, they plant trees. They even show you how many trees you’ve helped plant so you can get that sense of pride that you’ve actually done something right with your life. This amazing little business was founded in 2009. Ecosia plant trees around the world, particularly in places which are lacking, like the Sahara Desert and rainforests that are vastly being destroyed.


Why are trees important?

Just in case you didn’t know the obvious already, here are the wonderful things trees do for us, listed by the Ecosia website;

  • Trees absorb CO2 (Carbon Dioxide), which is one of the main causes of climate change. Larger forests can even create clouds, which then reflect the sunlight and cool the planet.
  • Forests are the most diverse systems on land with millions of species out of which many have not even been discovered and analyzed yet.
  • Trees protect the soil from erosion and they create productive and fertile land. If you cut down trees, you will very soon end up with a desert.
  • Trees create oxygen, which we need to breathe. They also clean the air by absorbing pollutant gases and filtering out particulates.
  • Forests provide us with healthy food and lots of other products, which can be sustainably harvested. Worldwide the livelihood of 1.6 billion people depends on forests.
  • Forests regulate the water cycles and prevent floods. They create moisturous microclimates and increase groundwater levels. They act like a “sponge” and therefore prevent droughts.

If you want to learn more about Ecosia, check out their website. They do projects and regular updates on how their work is going and how it’s paying off. All it is is a free browser extension and you could be changing the planet for the better, improving the world. Unless you’re Donald Trump and think global warming is a myth. In my opinion, I think it’s a great cause and deserves a lot more attention, the world matters!

The Ecosia Website:

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