Lipstick Trends
Lipstick trends

So if you couldn’t tell, or didn’t know already, I’m a massive lipstick person. I probably own more lipsticks than you’ve had hot dinners to be honest. Recently, Spring trends for lipstick has caught my attention. In my opinion, some are absolutely marvellous and some should just quietly die out. Some I need to add to my already overflowing collection. So here’s a few trends I wanna talk about and share with you:


Lipstick contour
Contouring with lipstick

Lip contouring is basically what it says. It’s for those who are desperate to have bigger, fuller lips like Kylie Jenner. This time without fucking busting or bruising your own lips by sucking into a shot glass (you absolute morons why). The trick is to use two different shades of a similar colour (one lighter and one darker) and line your lips to make them look fuller, and it’s pretty fantastic.

Having said that, there is some really good lip contouring with bright colours too all over instagram, all depends on your mood really. It’s simple enough to do so you can’t mess it up, it’s not time consuming and it actually works too. You don’t even need any particular expensive cosmetic item, and it doesn’t even have to be neutral colours either. Plus with this trend and technique you can avoid lip injections too which is a positive! I do it most days now and the results are great.



Glitter lipstick
Glitter Lipstick

I’m not even going to lie, this lipstick looks magical. Sparkly, eye catching and colourful coming in many vibrant colours from bold golds to bubblegum pinks. For maybe the first hour this product would be fun to wear. But before you know it it’ll be falling off, scratchy and stuck to your teeth. Ratchet glitter teeth. Plus what if you’re eating or drinking stuff? Cos you know that’s what humans do. Doesn’t it just fall/peel off and then you end up eating it? I can only imagine how dry lips feel after taking it off but at least it could act as a good lip exfoliator? Final thoughts, don’t wear if you plan to eat or drink anything for the day. Having that said, don’t let anything stop you looking fabulous.



Lollipop Lips

Introduced by M.A.C cosmetics. I have very mixed opinions about the lollipop lipstick trend. So basically its applying lipstick and smearing it around your mouth. It aims to give that kind of look you had when you were three and messily eating lollies that eventually stained the absolute shit out of your face.

It’s surely a statement, and I have seen it look amazing on some people when going through instagram, proving it can actually be done and look good. However other times it just looks plain messy to me. I attempted this look on my face and eventually called it quits after 20 minutes of trying to not make it look like pasta sauce. Not only that, but it also wouldn’t come off so that was a fun experience. Colour can be an important factor for this look, good luck finding one that works. If anything it should just stay on the catwalk and be left to fade away delicately, but if you can rock it, good for you man.



Vibrant Lippie

Electric coloured lipsticks are to die for, what better way to express yourself?. Bright blues, oranges, pinks and so on are absolutely perfect and eye catching, not only that, they also suit most skin tones too. Gorgeous on dark skin. I mean I love my neutral colours but wearing bright lippie is just expressive. Even though they’re a spring trend, I’d say they’re suitable for all year long, if you’re brave enough. Ignore the people who think your lipstick is too bright or too colourful, you don’t need that kind of negativity in your life. Your lipstick collection practically isn’t complete without one.



That glow though

The idea of this is awesome. Lipstick that glows in the dark. Imagine dancing and glowing at a rave, or even just running round a dark room in general. Absolutely splendid. However, that’s the one downside to this lipstick though. Although the colours might be nice to wear out, the full effect of the lipstick wouldn’t matter unless it was dark. So if anything, it’s more about when you’d wear the lipstick rather than how you’d wear it.



Lipstick as Blush

Applying lipstick to your cheeks and up your brow bones for a blush effect. I can see the appeal I guess, it’s different. It does add a good pop of colour to your face and it’s definitely a fashion statement. Also a good throwback to the 80’s.

But what if it never goes right? And what happens if it ends up looking like a big rash on your face after a while? I don’t think they fully thought this through. If it was maybe adding a slight tint it would be alright, but where do you draw the line? I’d say the best colours to use for this look would be pinks and reds, but I don’t control your life so feel free to do whatever you like. If I’m honest this look does have potential, but it also might look like you’ve been stung by bees. Good luck finding your in between.



Holographic Lips

A lipstick or lip gloss that gives your lips a holographic effect. I love this because you can either have a really subtle nude holographic shine or a full on blue and purple galaxy in your lips. What more could you ever want in a lipstick? It’s super cute and quirky. You can even apply it above any colour you were already wearing just to be extra edgy and cool. I’m definitely going to have to invest in one of these.



There has been many weird and wonderful lipstick trends and the best part is that there’s going to be SO many more. I know I might not be 100% on all the trends here, but if you like them and wear them, then wear them with pride. Don’t let people tell you you look weird. Because I bet they don’t have lipstick that looks this fabulous.

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