drunk history

Drunk History: 2015 – Ongoing
Created by: Derek Waters and Jeremy Konnor
Cast: Jimmy Carr, Jack Whitehall, Hugh Dennis, Tom Rosenthal, Diane Morgan

I should have just written that there’s a plethora of British actors. No we’re not doing the American version of this even though it came first, us Brits are better at comedy. It’s a fact. Anyways, Drunk History is a remake of the original source material and it’s bloody funny to say the least.

The premise is simple enough. A comedian is given a lot to drink and when they reach the point of no return, they are told to depict the tales of history’s greatest stories. It’s like a greatest hits for the drunk. There are occasionally episodes that aren’t as funny as the others. Mostly when they aren’t very drunk if I’m honest. It’s a really difficult show at times, I found I only enjoyed the episodes that had comedians I was a fan of in.

Still, what about the writing? What writing. Other than the comedians drunkenly explaining history, what is on offer? Reenactments. That’s what. You may have noticed that a lot of the comedians above don’t get drunk. No, they act out what the drunken comedians say. So, for example, if they say Steve McQueen was actually at the historical Great Escape, someone will be doing a Steve McQueen impression.

What I found subtly ingenious is that every stutter, pause or giggle the drunken comedian makes is presented on the screen. If a comedian starts drunkenly laughing and makes no coherent sense, the actor on screen will probably just look down the camera a bit confused. A bit like they were on Good Morning Britain and a bird that spoke fluent French had sat itself down next to them.

Get Jimmy Carr Drunk.

My one dream for this show is to have Jimmy Carr get drunk. He currently narrates certain points of the programme, but nothing else. Maybe as the final episode they can get him to do it and if they did it it’d be fantastic. What makes this show so superb is the fact that you could get any comedian on the show and it’d be brilliant.

Still, you might want to watch this show if I haven’t put you off. I hope I haven’t, the show is a bloody marvel. The first two seasons are on Sky. And alongside that a third season is being broadcast this month. No word on an Amazon release currently, but there is always hope.

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