nigel farage gets his life back

Nigel Farage Gets His Life Back: 2016
Created by: BBC
Cast: Kevin Bishop, Tony Way

What is funnier than Nigel Farage? Well, apart from his career. Oh yes, it’s going to be one of those articles isn’t it. I’ll try my best to keep it away from my political opinion as much as I can, but no promises whatsoever. Anyways, it’s time we discuss the one off special. That’s not breaking any rules is it? It’s a one off, so I mean, it’s technically a television show. Hell, it was shown on the television that’s good enough for us.

There is one main problem I have with the show but it doesn’t matter too much. Kevin Bishop (the actor that plays Farage) looks nothing like Nigel Farage. Still this doesn’t matter really as long as the show itself is funny. The good news is that it is funny. It’s not the most politically sharp show out of them all, but it is certainly one of the better political comedies.

It’s not on the levels of The New Statesman and The Thick of It, but it still resonates rather well with an audience this large. Well, I say a large audience. If you think about when this show was broadcast, you realise it probably didn’t get the best numbers. BBC Two Northern Ireland at 23:30 in the night. That’s the best time to broadcast a show obviously.

The broadcast numbers may be low but the writing is great.

The writing is very well done I have to admit. Nigel is actually shown as the hero of this story, struggling with the amount of free time he has. Alongside that, bartender Tony Way is almost like Nigel’s ballast. He’s there as an everyday bloke who agrees with Nigel’s blunt ideas, but even he has his limits. This is presented in a number of scenes, but I can’t spoil it. I recommend just watching it.

It’s only a half hour in length so you could watch that during your lunch hour or something I have no idea. For those considering watching the special, you can find it below. I can guarantee it’ll never be released anywhere else other than YouTube. Mainly because it’s such a small production, it’s a one off too.


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