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If you’re an absolute disaster of a human being like me, you’ll find it really difficult to save money. Let’s say you’re trying to save up money for something. Maybe you want to go out somewhere or you just want to be more financially stable, you kinda need money. I have some tips here for you that will help you save up or become better financially, because after all, it’s just one less thing to worry about.


Know what savings you have!

ALWAYS stay on top of your money. Know what amount you have saved away in your bank. So if you find you need something, or you were daftly thinking about treating yourself (it’s okay I don’t judge), you’ll know you haven’t gone overboard with spending. Knowing your amount of money allows you to be more sensible with your money. It allows you to budget and think better rather than just spending. It’s much better than thinking, “I’m sure this will be fine!” Because trust me, it will come and bite you right on your arse.

Online banking is also an amazing way to stay on top of your money, checking your account will be a lot faster than travelling for miles desperately trying to find a cash point or going to your bank and checking your balance. It just saves time. Not only that, but it also helpfully shows you what you spend your money on, allowing to see where the money problems seem to be coming from. You can then target the problem and cut down. You’ll definitely start to see an immediate difference in your money.

Make a list!

When the glorious payday comes, sit down and make a list of what you NEED for the week or month. I don’t mean binge spending, I mean money for the necessities like food shopping and healthcare products. Perhaps if you do music or exercise classes, save some money aside for that. Plan ahead. This way you’ll know what money you have left over and you can do whatever you like with that. Also, it means you won’t go overboard and almost piss yourself when you check your balance. Whether you save that little bit of money or decide to treat yourself.


Set aside!

So my friend shared with me a special saving technique she uses with money. Everytime she gets a £2 coin in change or finds one, she stores it instantly in a container and doesn’t spend it. She did this technique for a month and ended up with £30. She eventually broke into the stash when she was treating herself after she’d saved the money for a while, she still had some leftover too because there was so much.

Now if that isn’t a good way to save, I don’t know what is. It might seem like nothing at first, but it will begin to build up. It doesn’t have to be £2 coins, even saving 20p or 50p coins can make big money too. As long as you have control and self discipline, you have nothing to worry about. If you don’t, I suggest getting one of those glass/clay containers you can’t open, so you can smash it to death with a hammer when you need the money. Because that’s the rewarding part.

Set goals!

Saving will be much more worth it if you have something in mind that you want. You’ll become more focused and a lot more sensible when saving. It will also help you when planning for other things as well, so overall, you would become a lot better with budget.


Save on Transport!

Sometimes it’s easier to just walk places instead of taking the easy option of driving. If you are only travelling a short distance, say just going to the local shop or going to work/school/college/wherever, it does you wonders to save on gas money and just walk instead. Plus it keeps you fit so that’s always a bonus for you. Taking public transport could be a good alternative to save money, also you are saving the environment that little bit more!


Save on Clothes!

Don’t overdo it too much if you’re trying to save money. Get what you need. Be sensible. If you are wanting to buy more sensibly though, here’s some suggestions:

Don’t be afraid of charity shops. You could really be helping people out, while also saving money. I mean you never know what you could find right? You don’t always need the expensive brands for style. Also apps like Depop allow people to trade/buy clothes from people a lot cheaper than buying from a high street shop. Ebay is also a life saver for clothes, and just about anything really. I once saved like £20 on trousers because of Ebay. Remember to sell things you don’t need as well, easy money and you’re giving yourself more room to live.


Save on Food!

Budget when you come to food shopping, it’s a lot more healthy for you and your savings. Most of people’s money ends up disappearing because of food and the constant impulse buying of food.

Never ever shop when you’re hungry, because in my case those £1 snickers bars will build up over time. Buy things that will last a long time, things that can be left over for other days and also things that can be frozen (pasta sauce and soup is fabulous for this). If you can grow your own food, do. You’ll save a lot there and it’s healthier. Don’t be afraid to buy the shops own brand stuff, most of the time you’ll find you pay more for the packaging than the product itself, it’s a lifesaver. And finally, don’t waste food. If it can be saved, save it because you’ll be saving money doing so.

As boring as this sounds, look out for deals or coupons because they can be helpful, especially during the big shop.

Save with Coupons

Save on Bills!

Turn off lights when you aren’t in the room and don’t leave consoles or appliances on ‘standby’. Put on an extra layer of clothing instead of wacking up the heating. Take quick 5 minute showers instead of half an hour long ones (cutting down on baths also can do wonders). Doing large amounts of laundry and dishes in one can save a lot too. Just small things like that can up your numbers easily, you’ll be rich in no time.



Never give up, it may be a journey trying to save up money, but just think it’ll be all worth it in the end, before you know it you’ll be easily saving up! Then, and only then, you can treat yourself. Remember, it’s the small things that count the most towards you saving. Good Luck!

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