Chickens: 2011
Created by: Simon Bird, Joe Thomas and Jonny Sweet
Cast: Simon Bird, Joe Thomas Jonny Sweet 

No, not the animal. Anyways, Chickens was a short lived comedy that broadcast on Sky 1 after being thrown away by Channel 4. Nice to see Sky thinking up some original ideas and grabbing any Channel 4 recess they can get their hands on. Regardless of that, it was an alright, but forgettable comedy. It’s the focus of this article, so it must be good to some extent, right?

An original setting is the basis of Chickens. The show is set during the period of the First World War. More specifically, the very beginning at 1914. I don’t think I’ve watched a comedy set in the first world war. Well, other than the fourth season of Blackadder obviously. Certainly, the second world war is much more popular, with shows such as Dad’s Army and ‘Allo ‘Allo being set during those times. Anyways, regardless of that, it was nice to see a comedy with a more original setting. It beats most modern day comedies just by setting alone.

But the most important part of a comedy is that of the comedy itself. If it isn’t funny then what’s really the point in watching? Well, luckily, the show is funny. To an extent at least. I found some characters to be brilliant. (Cecil, played by Simon Bird.) While others I found to be rather grating. (Bert, played by Jonny Sweet.) Still, at least there was some form of balance in the character Joe Thomas plays. Ironic that his character is a conscientious objector considering his character doesn’t really do anything.

Regardless of that though, the characters never bore to the point of boredom or anger. They’re still vaguely interesting even at the worst of times. Still, if they were boring I doubt many people would have cared, mainly because the viewership of the programme at the time of original broadcast was low to say the very least. The show overall is sort of a good watch. It’s enjoyable but wont tax your mind that much.

You can either buy Chickens on Amazon for relatively cheap, or if you have Sky you can watch it on catch up there.

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