judgement day 2007
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Judgment Day 2007 – May 20th 2007
Attendance: 10,500

I like a good bit of wrestling. But I found this in a charity shop and I thought I might give it a go and review it. So, without further ado, I’m going to review a wrestling show.

Non-televised Match: Kane vs. William Regal

Kane (left) featured in a Friday Night Smackdown match, opponent, date and match unknown
Winner: Kane
Rating: N/A

Damn, the one match I would have wanted to see was on the pre-show. I’m not going to rate this match, but I should just point out that this match did actually happen. These two are some of my all time favourites, both definitely in my top ten. Just a shame that I didn’t get to see the match. It’s not even in the extras. The only thing in the extras is Todd Grisham, and nobody wants that. Ah well, on we go.

So the show starts with a number of clips to hype up the matches tonight. Starting off with Edge vs. Batista, followed by Vince McMahon, Shane McMahon and Umaga vs. Bobby Lashley. And finally the match I’m not looking forward to, John Cena vs. The Great Khali. Bloody hell. Good ol’ J.R. and Jerry Lawler on commentary on Raw commentary. Tazz and Joey Styles on ECW commentary. Michael Cole and JBL on Smackdown commentary. Now, I love all six of these guys as commentators to be honest.

Match 1: Ric Flair vs. Carlito

Ric Flair (left) pictured in one of his many matches against Carlito (right), during a taping of Monday Night Raw
Winner: Ric Flair via Submission
Rating: 3/5

Flair and Carlito both put on a very solid match. Ric Flair received a pretty small pop for his entrance. The boos Carlito felt were definitely quite loud but not loud enough. The match wasn’t so much back and forth, it was more or less Carlito getting in a lot of moves, Flair doing a couple slaps and then a two count. I’m not saying it was bad though, overall the match was very technical. Lots of submissions and grapples. The crowd really got behind Ric Flair which was really great to see.

Both Carlito and Flair put on a fantastic match. I wasn’t completely interested in the match. I wasn’t hyped up enough to care but the opening match of Judgement Day was honestly a great way to start off the show. A couple botches on commentary really took me out of it too. The only two moves I really saw Flair do were chops and then his finishing move which finished the match. Not too shabby for an opening match. Towards the end of the match the action really ramped up. That was a rather short lived few minutes as two minutes later the match was over. Carlito really didn’t sell the figure four well but the huge pop Flair got overshadowed that.

Todd Grisham interviews Shawn Michaels:

Basically this was to set up Orton vs. HBK for the event. It was just a promo, Edge vs. Shawn Michaels and how this rivalry was set up. Not so much an interview as it was just showing what happened. Before the interview could go on Orton attacked HBK and slammed his face into a thing. It sounded like HBK was actually crying it was absurd.

Match 2: Vince McMahon (c), Shane McMahon and Umaga vs. Bobby Lashley – ECW Championship Match

From left to right, Umaga, Shane McMahon and Vince McMahon are pictured. Pre-match at Backlash (2007)
Winner: Bobby Lashley via Pinfall
Rating: 1/5

Mr. McMahon killed ECW by doing stuff like this. He was ECW champion, bloody hell. Mr. McMahon also looks a lot like Sabu with those had scarf things. Obviously this match was set up from the Hair vs. Hair match at Wrestlemania. Why is it called World Title and not Championship? I’ve never actually seen Lashley or Umaga wrestle before which is a bit weird considering I love wrestling. I do hate the ECW World Title belt though, I think I’m the only person to prefer the newer iteration of the belt. You know, the black, tinny shit thing.

I do love Joey Styles on commentary too. Lashley got a pretty good pop, not very loud if I’m honest. Also how the hell does Bobby Lashley only weigh 273 pounds? He looks like a damn tank.

Basically the entire match was just beating the shit out of Shane McMahon. The crowd was behind Lashley, I wasn’t. Bullshit isn’t the word for what occurred post match though and we had to wait another month until Lashley actually won the belt.

HBK examined by a doctor

The doctor tells Shawn that he cannot compete tonight. End of segment. Bit odd.

Match 3: CM Punk vs. Elijah Burke

CM Punk (left) pictured in a match with Elijah Burke (right) on an episode of Friday Night Smackdown
Winner: CM Punk via Pinfall
Rating: 4/5

Damn it was weird seeing 2007 CM Punk. The crowd were completely behind him though which is great. It was a really good back and forth match if I’m honest. Again it wasn’t the most interesting match but damn were there some impressive moves. Punk jumping from the middle of the rope and slamming into Burke was the highlight of that match it’s what I remember the most. That dropkick to Burke on the apron was really good too. The dive that followed was perfectly executed.

It’s a shame the crowd were bored and started chanting for JBL. Because if I’m honest the match was a great back and forth contest between two really talented wrestlers. It did go on for a bit too long though, it was longer than the World Title match between Edge and Batista. Burke selling the top rope suplex was funny as hell. But overall a very, very, very good match.

Match 4: Shawn Michaels vs. Randy Orton

Shawn Michaels (above) featured applying a leg lock to Randy Orton (below) at a WWE PPV
Winner: Randy Orton via Referee Decision
Rating: 2/5

Again another great pop for HBK. His music hit before he forfeit, and then out he came. Obviously looking injured though so it was a bit difficult to get into the match. He honestly looked like an alcoholic when he walked down to the ring. The match showed a resilient Shawn Michaels.  It was done quite well considering the match ended only a few minutes later.

The best part of the “match” was Shawn Michaels trying to deliver the Sweet Chin Music and then just collapsing. He did hit a top rope elbow though, which is strange considering that’s more difficult than a kick. The ref ended the match, HBK hit with an RKO, the end. Bloody poor.

Match 5: The Hardy Boys (c) vs. Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch – WWE World Tag Team Championship’s

Trevor Murdoch (top) pictured in a match against Matt Hardy (bottom) on an episode of Monday Night Raw
Winners: The Hardy Boys
Rating: 3/5

Odd that the Hardy Boys are the champions yet they make their way to the ring first. Honestly I always thought the champions came out second, not first. No matter, with JBL and Cole on commentary I was actually looking forward to the match. Interesting as well is the fact that all four of the guys in this match are either dead or no longer work for the company. Basically this match is The Hardy Boys vs. two rednecks, one of which wearing assless chaps which was unnerving to say the least.

Matt Hardy and Lance Cade began the match and to begin with there was very little wrestling. However it soon began to pick up and the two put on a great start to the match. What interested me was Cade and Hardy began to wrestle, Hardy taunted and then the two shook hands. I wasn’t too sure why that happened. I guess it was a great show of sportsmanship on both of their parts.

Cole mentions that the challengers have tremendous respect for the champions. Why then are the challengers getting booed? Murdoch was tagged in and I was interested to see how he would wrestle. I’ve not seen Cade or Murdoch wrestle in a match before and they were doing quite well in impressing me. There was a great spot where Cade is knocked in the head by Hardy’s elbow and it sounded brilliant and he sold it very well.

Murdoch and Jeff Hardy also slapped hands too, which honestly does interest me to a certain extent. There was an almost no sell, Murdoch began to fall before Hardy connected and it just made it a bit awkward. The crowd were really into this match which is always a good thing, at least they weren’t chanting for JBL this time.

At one point in the match it genuinely looked like Cade and Murdoch were going to walk away but they returned to the match on a seven count. Murdoch was definitely the weakest in the match, mainly because of his botches and sells. Most notably was when he was thrown out of the ring, didn’t push his face near the apron and then fell backwards as if it had happened. He did save it though with a great double team leg drop and it did impress me quite a bit.

JBL and Cole were shaky on commentary at best. A highlight of this being JBL stating “You don’t win by being good, you win by being good.” Oh, JBL, you silly boy. He also called out a couple wrong moves, but other than that it wasn’t too terrible. I did miss Jim Ross though, his commentary on this match would’ve been superb.

Towards the end of the match, Matt hit his finisher, which didn’t look too good. Jeff then hit his finisher and it was all resolved. The match itself wasn’t anything special. Nothing really stood out as a great spot, but it was fun. An enjoyable match that filled up fifteen minutes. The handshake at the end really did make it for me though, a great sportsman-like end to the match.

Edge (c) vs. Batista – World Heavyweight Championship Match

Edge (left) seen wrestling Batista (right) in a weekly edition of Friday Night Smackdown.
Winner: Edge
Rating: 2/5

Edge plays an amazing heel. It also helps he’s one of my all time favourite wrestlers, so I was looking forward to this to say the least. Again the champion came out first, but Edge’s theme song is the best hing ever and his attire was great. Shame he never wore it again, but we’ll get over that. The fireworks for his entrance were bloody amazing. Minus points however for the lack of a Tony Chimel voice break, we all know what they are and love them dearly.

Another JBL highlight, calling Michael Cole “monkey boy”. As Cole helpfully pointed out, Edge had only been champion for nine days. Therefore, you can probably guess he was going to win. You can’t just have a nine day champion. Edge did a really good job of building up Batista as a big animal. He was constantly being shown on camera with a face full of fear. It really added to the match and it’s what made it so good.

Batista and Edge rolled onto the outside and just sort of fumbled about a bit and it wasn’t too good. Batista did a spinebuster but it turned into an atomic drop midway through. This did recover once they returned to the ring, Batista slammed into the ring post and sold it exceptionally well. The match slowed down and became more of a technical match for a minute or two and then Batista cocked up a big boot and fell backwards too early. Still, once more, they recovered.

There was a great spot where Edge jumped from the middle rope and Batista clotheslined him out of the air. That was amazing. Batista managed to gain a huge advantage all of a sudden and then the match just ended all of a sudden. Edge was hit with a spinebuster. Then Edge got a roll up pin and won the match. As much as I love to see Edge and Batista compete, this was one of their weakest matches. A couple of no-sells and a ridiculous ending added up to a short, ten minute match that pales in comparison to their other matches.

MVP vs. Chris Benoit (c) – United States Championship Match

MVP photographed in a match on Monday Night Raw
Winner: MVP
Rating: 2/5

Tony Chimel botched the intro to the match. “The following, uhm, match.” was a rather interesting intro. MVP’s entrance confused the hell out of me, he had an inflatable tube that he came out of. Still, no matter I suppose, at least he made it to the ring. Benoit got a great pop at least, he was a champion and came out second.

The match started with a lock up and they managed to roll out of the ring while still in a lock up. I was rather confused as to why this happened. No matter, they slapped each other in the face as an apology. A lot of people with injured legs in this PPV. Benoit was being attacked with a sheleighleigh the week before apparently? The two were genuinely quite ruthless with one another it was great.

Another JBL moment, stating that Benoit would be placed into the Hall of Fame… I’ll let that rest in your mind for a moment or two. MVP did a really good job of focusing on the leg of Chris Benoit. I was really impressed by the German suplexes. Benoit does really well with those. Benoit applied the cross face and the way MVP’s arm was positioned it looked like he was doing a heil which was very awkward.

Later on, Benoit went ahead and applied the sharpshooter but once more, MVP escaped. An under appreciated move I think is the inziguri. Benoit hit a perfect shot on MVP’s head and it was the highlight of the match for me. MVP reversed a finisher into his own and picked up the first fall. And then they get a sixty second rest period. That came out of the blue, thanks for mentioning that, Chimel.

And then the match became just a large blur, I didn’t really remember anything noteworthy. MVP kept focusing on the leg and other than that nothing of note happened. Much like the Edge vs. Batista match, MVP won with a roll up out of nowhere. It just sort of ended. Again using an injured leg as a weakness to win a match, it just felt the same as the previous match. Benoit is a phenomenal wrestler, but you wouldn’t think that from watching this match.

The Great Khali vs. John Cena (c) – WWE Championship Match

John Cena (above) and The Great Khali (below) pictured in their main event title match at Judgment Day 2007
Winner: John Cena
Rating: 1/5

Oh goody. The Great Khali is in the main event of this match. Well, may as well turn this PPV off now because that’s that done. Khali is just a big guy, he can’t wrestle and this match will hopefully prove my point.

Cena got the biggest pop of the night and even then it wasn’t too loud. Even though Wikipedia lists him as being champion, he didn’t come out with the belt. The Great Khali came to the ring with the belt, even though he was the number one contender. It was one of those “he’s stolen the belt.” angles. I really wasn’t looking forward to this match. Before the match had been introduced the bell rang. Oh yeah, and this is the main event. Also, Jerry Lawler makes a penis joke before the match even starts. Oh, boy.

Obviously because Khali is so large, he just stalks around the ring and slaps. Those are the only things he can really do without much hassle. Cena sold a punch so much that he rolled halfway across the ring and fell out. Cena managed to sell some of Khali’s moves very well. Regardless of that he shouldn’t have had to. Mainly because Khali shouldn’t have been in the main event.

Cena just went into ragdoll mode for the first few minutes of the match. Basically Cena just threw himself around the ring for a few minutes. Cena hit his first move and Khali managed to botch it by rolling the wrong way. Another highlight on commentary, with Lawler stating “I’m leaving.” A bit like the crowd also then, right?

There was an entire minute of Khali just holding onto Cenas neck and pushing him onto the floor. That was fun to witness. Khali wrapped his arms in the ropes so Cena could smack his face up a little bit but that was the end of that rather quickly. In a matter of seconds, Khali went from falling over outside to being flat on his back inside the ring, tapping to John Cena. And that was all she wrote. I don’t think dreadful justifies that main event.


Overall, it was a strong start that stopped very quickly. If it weren’t for the Ric Flair vs. Carlito and CM Punk vs. Elijah Burke matches, this PPV would have been a complete disaster. A main event that was horrific, most of the title matches were boring and overall it was just lukewarm at best. There have been much, much better PPVs out there and this is certainly not one of them.

Also, on an interesting note, Kane is the poster boy for this PPV. Strange as he never actually appeared on the main show. What a strange world we live in I suppose. Eight matches that amounted to literally nothing, other than kickstarting the reign of MVP as United States Champion. Hell, we even got a match that didn’t happen in the form of Randy Orton vs. Shawn Michaels.

Also, what were they thinking with the Bobby Lashley match? It had been an ongoing feud since Wrestlemania.

I can’t recommend this at all, unless you want to have every PPV on DVD like myself.

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Judgment Day 2007
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