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Giddy up and so on! We’re reviewing a rootin’ tootin’ cowboy game. I’ll stop that now, it’d be annoying if I did that. This is probably going to be a bit of a shorter review than normal, primarily because I have no notes. I just thought I’d sit down, play it, and out comes this.

Fistful of Frags is a free to play Steam game that I’ve been playing on and off for quite some time now. For a free game it’s surprisingly good, and this review is going to hopefully prove that. Now most of my playtime was when I played this game with my brother, however I’ve went back to play by myself to see if the game is as fun. Rest assured, the game is even more fun when your brother isn’t bringing the team down every game. No matter, on with the review!

What you’ll probably notice straight off the bat is that the graphics aren’t necessarily the best things in the world. That isn’t a problem, and I’m adamantly certain that this game was made on the Source engine. Graphics aren’t a problem in this shooter though, as long as you know what to shoot and where to go you’ll have a great time.

If I’m honest, when I first played this game I really wasn’t keen overall. I left my first few sessions with the game feeling a little let down. However I decided I should push on and see if things changed. Boy oh boy did they change. The main problem I had when first playing the game was that it isn’t your traditional shooter. You can’t just rely on the guns you start with, you have to constantly move and pick up new weapons as you go. Eventually you get the hang of this, but for the longest time I just played this as if it were another Call of Duty.

Gameplay for this game was a struggle to get a hold of at first. That feeling quickly faded. (Fistful of Frags – 2014)

Maybe I was too harsh on the graphics earlier. The game certainly has a charming aura around it that I can’t deny. Loading up the game and seeing these Source modified graphics gave me a huge wave of nostalgia. But, you can’t make a game based solely on nostalgia now can you. I suppose this feeling works for a short while, it certainly helped me play through the tougher parts of the game. After a while that feeling fades and you’re just left with the base game. Luckily, the base of the game is superb and it looks as if a lot of effort has been put into this game.

Hell, I’m going to give bonus points for not including microtransactions like every other shooter does. It doesn’t feel tacky in any way, it’s just a good old source modification. With modifications, you have to be careful to get everything correct. Controls in a shooter are obviously extremely important and I’m happy to say that the controls in this game are perfect. Obviously I’m not going to call them a work of art, that would just be weird. But they function well, they get the job done and make for a brilliantly fast paced shooter.

I still haven’t explained the whole “Pass the whiskey” thing now have I. I don’t really need to explain it, right? Whiskey in this game is basically a healthpack, and your character can repeatedly say “pass the whiskey”. Obviously this leads to terrifying results where entire servers of people will spam this constantly. And that’s where the game lets itself down if I’m honest. It’s not even the games fault the community are a bit of a horrible bunch, that just sort of happens. Still, I’m tough as old boots, I don’t mind playing with rude players, I’m a rude dick myself. What I do mind though is players who leave if they’re losing and so on. Like I said, it can’t be helped, but it’s still there with every game.

What was so surprising with this game is that, even with the lack of gamemodes, it still managed to be fun. Deathmatch isn’t really my forte in shooters and I prefer to play on a team. Not with this game, I’ve never had so much fun in a shooter in a very long time. Deathmatch is basically a free-for-all with chests around the map with varying levels of weapons in them. From shovels to shotguns, rifles to revolvers, it’s literally luck of the draw. Unbalanced weapons in a game like this is an extremely major problem. The rifle and the shotgun are the most overpowered in the game and everything else pales in comparison. If you’ve played the game more than a few hours then you’ll be using nothing but the rifle on every level. It’s great at close and long range and in desperate need of balance.

Also this game really suffers from a lack of map choice. I’ve played the game for a good ten or so hours and always found myself on the same seven maps. Maybe that’s because servers only run certain maps, whatever the case, the game is in desperate need of a patch. Some new maps would go a long way too.

A lack of map choice may certainly hinder your play style. (Fistful of Frags – 2014)

Other than Gun, Red Dead Redemption and the Call of Juarez series, there aren’t really any western shooters. This is possibly the newest western game I’m aware of, and thankfully it’s utterly brilliant.

If you’re a fan of shooters or anything western then I definitely recommend trying this game. It’s a game you can just open up and play right away. If you’ve got a good internet connection and a computer then you have no excuse not to play this game. It is free after all, and you can’t complain when something is free. The game doesn’t require skill of any kind, and that may be a downfall, personally, it’s more than welcome. A shooter you can pick up and play whenever you want and not feel alienated by higher ranked players. Now, pass the whiskey, I’m off for another round of deathmatch.

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