storage wars

Storage Wars: 2010 – Ongoing
Created by: Thom Beers
Cast: Dan Dotson, Brandi Passante, Jarrod Schulz, Darrell Sheets, Barry Weiss, Dave Hester

No, don’t leave! Listen, I know this show is pretty bad. We can blame this show for all of those many terrible spinoffs. We might talk about those later. Anyways, regardless of that, we may as well add this to the list. There are so many more deserving shows, but I wanted to add this.

Why did I want to add this is the main question you probably have now, and rightly so. Honestly, reality TV shows are a staple for many TV diets, so I thought we’d cater to them. It was a toss up between this, Big Brother and I’m a Celebrity. Eventually I decided on this, because this show is the one I hate the least. Not that I hate this show, I do enjoy it to a certain extent, and you will too.

There’s something weirdly addictive about this show. It’s just people looking into abandoned storage bins and buying them. That’s the interesting and fun part of the show. Seeing what people find, seeing how overpriced they’re going to sell them for and then losing money. It’s quite nice to see them put in their place. But that obviously isn’t the appeal of the show.

The appeal is, uhm. I’m not sure what the appeal is. Seriously, it’s just so weirdly addictive to watch. I think it’s down to the thrill of the hunt, going out there and finding these amazing items. Obviously the show is fixed, you’re not a moron, don’t fall for that trick. It’s clear the show is fixed, but it’s still entertaining.

You can’t watch this show in order, that’s impossible. There are far too many episodes to watch in order to be able to do such a thing. What I can recommend the most is to catch it when it’s on TV. I think you can get a couple episodes online, but probably illegally. As for a boxset, there’s no chance. You’ve got more chance of Barry coming back to this show.

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