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Remember last review when I mentioned Bully: Scholarship Edition? Well, this isn’t that game either, I lied again. I suppose I just keep getting distracted. Anyways, regardless of that, lets trudge our way through the wasteland once more. For those who have read my previous reviews, I did do Fallout 4. It got a considerably respectable seven. But what about the game used to promote Fallout 4?

Well, what of it? Why review this game? Well, I mean, it’s something to do, isn’t it? And since the game was re-released as a full fledged game on Xbox One, it deserves my undivided scrutiny. So without further ado, lets crack on.

Now as usual lets start with the pros. And one of the main ones is that the game is actually quite fun. For the first few hours or so anyways. You take the reigns as Overseer of a vault, building it from the ground down to provide safety for the dwellers. I can only assume the game takes place post explosion. Which to be honest doesn’t make much sense. If you’re gonna build a vault to protect from a nuclear blast, why build it after the nuclear blast? I’ll let that question linger and just move on.

So yes, the game is rather fun. Not extreme amounts of fun, but a neat little time sink that will drain the day away at a considerable pace. Every morning, I wake up and load this game. I collect my resources and just as I’m about to turn it off, something new and unique happens. By the time that’s dealt with, the resources are ready to collect. The whole rotten cycle goes on and on and on for a while. Eventually you get sick of the whole thing, much like I did.

Now, of course, regardless of everything I say, people only care about the graphics. So, how are they? Surprisingly great if I’m honest. Fallout has always been a greyish brown game until Fallout 4 came along and kicked it up with a colourful spectrum. This really shines in Fallout Shelter with a comic style graphics system that just looks truly amazing.

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Fallout Shelter (2017) with its graphics on display clearly in this image

So how did I test this game? Well, there were a number of tests and attempts at vaults that I made. Currently I have one vault, the master vault. That vault is not a welcoming place. Somehow I made a dystopian vault that puts those who cannot work to death. Sadistic? Yes. But I sort of just wanted to find out if you could do it or not. You can.

With my dystopian vault of the future starting up, I was randomly attacked by raiders. This is something the game has and I do enjoy this aspect. Every now and then, you’ll be attacked by raiders, deathclaws, mole rats and radroaches. Even the smallest of enemies will have an impact on your vault. Radroaches have almost killed a few of my people before, but thank god to the Overseer and his holy plasma cannons.

Having enemies that serve a threat on every level is great. As you level up, as do the enemies. It means that you wont be overwhelmed at an early stage. And that you’ve got a challenge when you’re at the end game. Balancing that is difficult, and it’s great it’s managed so well here.

One thing the Fallout games have always been able to pride themselves on is an amazing soundtrack. Fallout Shelter, even though it’s a small game, can pride itself on a great soundtrack. The musical cues are what gets me, rather than the soundtrack overall. By which I mean, there isn’t actually a soundtrack. The occasional musical blip can be heard in a menu. Which is the bit I like. But overall there isn’t actually any music to listen to while you play. A blessing and a curse I suppose.

But that’s enough of enjoying the game, we have to talk about all the things that are wrong, of which there are plenty.

The biggest thing for me is that there is no replay value in this game. Don’t even bother. Once you’ve played to a certain point you’ve played it all if I’m honest. I’m about twelve hours in and at first I was loving it. But that feeling has long since dispersed and now I really feel it’s more of a chore than a fun game. A shame really, because the further you go into the game the more you realise it’s just a shell of what it could’ve been.

Of course, because this game used to be on mobile devices, it has microtransactions. And you know what? I bought some. Not because I wanted to, mind you. Mainly because I thought it’d be a good experiment to see if £16 worth of lunchboxes would be worth it. It was not, judging that my interest with the game vanished soon after my money did. I actually recorded myself opening the boxes if you really want to watch that.

Playing this game on Xbox One is near impossible at times. Mainly because it freezes so much. The Xbox home button acts as a dashboard, so clicking that exits the game into a little window. Not this game. It crashes, and then closes the game, re-opens it and crashes once more. Play it on your laptop if you’re going to do anything with this game, because it’s no good on consoles.

You realise after a while that there isn’t actually anything to do with this game. You dither about a bit, trying to make things work and then realise the game has nothing going for it. All this games purpose is is to promote Fallout 4. Its done that. But somehow became it’s own entity. And that’s this games problem, it has nothing really going for it. You start. See all these new, exciting things. But then it turns out half of them are the same thing and the other half are shit.

Still, a good time waster if you’re into that “pick up and go” gameplay, although you can’t really pick up an Xbox One. If you want to play it, great, it’s free! If not, you’re really not missing out on much. The quests and stuff, I didn’t mention, they don’t mean anything to me. If you spent money on the microtransactions you’ll probably have loads of stuff that you don’t need and quests just give you more of that.

Obviously there’s a premium currency too, because of course there is. So have fun with that.

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Fallout Shelter
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