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Beast Boxing Turbo Review – Punch Out with Santa


This is a game you most likely haven’t heard of. I picked up this game on Steam years and years ago, but now I’ve installed it once more to do a review on it. But why wait so long to review a game? Well, it’s probably because I eventually want to review every game I currently own. An impossible task, of course, but it makes me play some interesting games such as this one.

Beast Boxing Turbo is currently available on Steam for £3.99, and I’ve left a link to the store page in the games title, so go and give this a look after you’ve read the review.

So what exactly is this game? Well, it’s a sports game. Boxing is a sport, right? Anyways, it’s that sport where you get smacked in the face a lot, which seems to be extremely popular in video games. Now we’ve had our fair share of boxing games over the years haven’t we? Punch-Out, Facebreaker and Fight Night just to name a few. This game offers quite a bit more than other boxing games, and we’re going to take a look at exactly what it offers.

I’ve been told that graphics are very important in games. Apparently people wont play a game if it doesn’t blow their mind with it’s visual appearance. Luckily, this is one of the most good looking games I’ve played in a long while. I mean, for a game that released way back in 2013, it looks brilliant. The cartoon type, drawn art style compliments the style of the game perfectly well and it’s not overwhelming enough to take away from the core gameplay mechanics.

An example of the utterly gorgeous art style wherein you can have a punch out with Santa

Throughout the campaign you can increase your stats. Simple enough, right? Well, if you want to start a new game then you have the choice of keeping your old stats. Honestly this has never been so useful in a game. I started playing through the harder difficulties and found that keeping my old stats made it impossibly easy. Mind you, that is a problem that we’ll talk about later. You can boost certain things, presumably how hard you punch and how many teeth you’re prepared to have knocked out.

Gameplay wise of course is the most important in my opinion. It completely trumps graphics and considering this game looks amazing, we’re already off to a good start. But the gameplay is what’s important. Considering it’s a boxing game, there isn’t much too it, it’s far too simplistic and for a game that has monsters in it I was expecting something much more interesting. Still, if traditional boxing is something you were wanting to experience with this game then I can heartily recommend it. It is quite fun to see the cartoon characters gradually look worse and worse as the rounds go on, one black eye after another.

To coincide with the gameplay, the controls are also pretty easy to grapple with. Two buttons for punching, one button for dodging, that’s basically it really. Nothing more difficult than that and all the enemies are basically the same. A real shame if I’m honest because there could be so much more done with this game. Regardless though it is pretty fun. It’s basically Super Punch-Out with monsters.

And of course, for the two people that care about Steam Achievements, this is a fairly easy completion. But because it’s Steam and doesn’t have a number attached, who really cares?

But while that may sound very appealing, we need to talk about everything wrong with the game. There aren’t too many things wrong with the game, but the things that are wrong are ridiculously bad. My primary complaint is the length of the game. Sure, you can keep playing the multiplayer or exhibition modes, but the story for the game is about an hour long. No longer, no shorter, you can finish this in an hour with deaths as well. A damn shame, because this game could’ve been real fun if it was a lot longer.

While I did make note of the simplistic gameplay, I have to reassure you, it’s far too simplistic. You mash two buttons and block occasionally until you win. It’s like QWOP but with a bit more depth. Mashing two buttons isn’t really gameplay, I mean, it’s fun to smash someones face in by hitting the Q button 100 times, but this just isn’t what it should be. It’s difficult to make a boxing game both fun and intricate and they tend to just be button mashers, this game requires very little skill.

What’s worse is the story. The story is basically about a human wanting to compete against monsters in the universal boxing championship or something. They don a suit made of Velcro and tin foil or something and manage to punch their way to the top. Spoiler alert, the final fight is against another human dressed in a costume. It was weird. Not a good weird either, more a, “well, that happened I suppose” type of feeling. That feeling is never a good one when playing a game.

This is DEFINITELY not a screenshot of the final fight…

And to top it all off, it’s a boxing game with no real replay value. Once you’ve finished the story you’ll probably be a bit sick of everything else. You’ll have fought all the different types of enemies, unlocked the majority of the characters and obtained most of the achievements. At that point there isn’t much else to do, so what’s the point in continuing to play?

This review is a lot shorter than my others. If you hadn’t noticed then bravo I suppose. The problem I had with this game mainly was that there isn’t really much to write about. Sure, you can gloss over everything in a matter of an hour or two, but I was really hoping there would be more. Unfortunately, there isn’t, and this article is just managing to bust through the thousand word mark.

But is the game worth your time? That’s the question that needs to be answered. If you can get the game on sale, then sure, go right ahead and buy it if you think you can deal with the price. If not, you’re not missing out on anything majorly new, it’s just a nice idea with a good combat system that falls a bit too short. We’ve seen games like that everywhere, I’m looking at you, Halo 3: ODST.

Beast Boxing Turbo
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