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Would I Lie To You: 2007 – Ongoing
Created by:
Cast: David Mitchell, Lee Mack, Rob Brydon, Angus Deayton

Oh, panel shows. There are very few ongoing panel shows left that I still enjoy. QI and this are the only ones actually. It’s a shame really, flashback to five years ago and we were at a pinnacle of panel quiz shows. I suppose The Big Fat Quiz of the Year is a thing, but it’s only yearly. Still, back to the content at hand, Would I Lie To You?

Well, yes, I would lie to you. Mainly because you’re a stranger. See, I can do comedy. Who said I couldn’t do comedy? This show is a panel show broadcast by the BBC and often repeated on Dave. Dave apparently owns every right to every panel show ever as that’s all it shows. Still, there’s a reason it’s repeated so often.

The prime reason it’s repeated so often is because it’s so damn funny. If you’ve read any of the previous instalments to this series, you’ll know I’m a huge David Mitchell fan. Mitchell is actually the only one to appear in every episode. Lee Mack missed one due to the flu, and Rob Brydon became the show host in series three. Or two, I can never remember.

But who hosted before series two/three? Angus Deayton. You may remember Angus Deayton from a couple of scandals, but now he seems to have overcome those. Still, not important, but he was booted off the show to give everything a much fresher look.

Anyways, because it’s a panel show, presumably they have some pretty good guests. My oh my do they. A hell of a lot of people who have actually featured on this list before. Charlie Brooker, Alexander Armstrong, Dara O’Briain, Greg Davies and even Charles Dance showed up. Needless to say, the show has a fantastic lineup every week. Even it’s non-stellar lineup shows are top notch comedy.

If you’re wanting to watch this (which is what I recommend.) is that you find it on YouTube. Surprisingly, you can get the boxset on Amazon, which is strange considering this is a panel show. There’s an unwritten rule about not releasing panel or improv shows on DVD, but this show bypasses it. Mind you, if you don’t want to shell out or get a taster, YouTube has every episode available right now. Awesome, right?

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