At around Noon this Friday, Donald John Trump took the presidential oath of office and officially became the 45th president of the United States. President Donald Trump proceeded to read the inaugural address he had written himself. It was actually incredibly impressive despite detractors confident it would be a trainwreck.

Finally, we must think big and dream bigger… In America, we understand that a nation is only living as long as it is striving. – Donald J. Trump

President Donald Trump’s inaugural address tried to stay neutral and appeal to Americans instead of a particular party. It painted the picture of a struggling America, and by most metrics – that’s true. US education is ranked significantly lower than other nations and the US’ GDP growth is only slowing down. Even with these established facts being widely known, the US media still tried to say Trump’s speech was overly dark and dystopian. From my perspective, the speech was realist and if anything, hopeful. The speech included many optimistic segments, my favorite being the part about harvesting the technology and energy of tomorrow and leading the way in innovation. So what if he also talked about the heinous crime and murder rate in cities like Chicago, which desperately need the attention of law enforcement and social development agencies? Why is it a bad thing to highlight these issues? Isn’t the first step to solving a problem admitting it? Do we want more people to die? I don’t get what people are upset about here when he mentions the bitter reality.

A horrific and sadly regular occurrence in Chicago – a crime scene

I, like many others, prefer secular society – but if Donald Trump’s motivation for changing America for the better is his love of country and faith in God, then I have no problem with that. He’s constitutionally entitled to prayer services. Besides, I’d be the first person to protest if he started forcing his faith on others – which he’d never do. Removing public funding from an agency that provides abortion services isn’t forcing religion on anyone, for the record. On an off topic note, I like to think that the best way to solve the abortion issue is legalizing it but providing no public subsidy unless in the case of emergency (rape and all those other terrible circumstances). That’s as close as the left and right will ever get towards a compromise on the issue. Anyways, moving on.

One picture making the rounds across social media right now is this one comparing the size of Donald Trump’s inauguration crowd to Barrack Obama’s in 2009. By all accounts, it is an authentic image. There are many reasons why Trump’s crowd was smaller, but I wouldn’t put it off as less enthusiasm. Arguably, Trump’s inauguration was under immense threat and security was some of the tightest ever. It wasn’t easy for people to move around and there was a lot of motivation to stay home. There has been an exceptional amount of violence against Trump supporters. Here’s a shameful Huffington Post article calling for violence against Trump supporters. The article is absolutely disgusting and impossible to justify. Also worth noting, Inauguration day isn’t a holiday in the US and most Trump voters were probably busy at work.

Obama’s 2009 Inauguration was the most attended and watched presidential inauguration since Reagan

Obama had a lot of star power behind his election and it followed him into the White House. It was cool to be an Obama supporter. On the contrary, supporting President Trump can be almost certain social suicide. It would be foolish to underestimate the impact of social stigma on political activity – or anything people do. The only thing free from bullying is the anonymity of the voting booth.

The Women’s March on Washington

The day after the inaugeration on January 21, approximately 500,000 women marched on the streets of Washington, DC demanding protection of women’s rights and that social progressivism stays alive. While I encourage these ladies getting involved in politics (something everyone should do – it’s your government, be heard!), some of the marchers got extremely out of control. From mass littering on the streets, which directly contradicts the march’s “Unity Principles,” to Madonna saying she had thought extensively about “blowing up the White House,” mob mentality took over.

Garbage from Saturday’s Women’s March fills Washington’s streets in a hypocritical display

Because of Madonna’s rant threatening the Presidential residence (a crime in the US), the US Secret Service, which, among many other duties, protects the President, is investigating the 58-year-old pop star. Madonna has since tried softening her words post–speech. In a “clarification,” she said she is “not a violent person.” However, it is unlikely that this change of face will convince the Secret Service that everything is A-okay. They’ll probably have to at least speak with her.

Admittedly, Donald Trump has made some very off-color comments about many things, most famously about women and their private parts in an infamous video from ten years ago. However, he has honestly and fervently apologized. Still, it’s not impossible to see how many people, especially women, might feel worried about the new administration. Trump and his team should spend time making a dedicated effort to reach those people most afraid of him and show them that he’s worth a chance.

President Trump Gets to Work

President Trump wasted no time following through with his promises. On his first day as president and hours after the inauguration, cameras captured the moment President Trump signed a plethora of executive orders. The orders concerned many objectives, from his appointments to the various positions in the US government to “Obamacare relief.” His Obamacare order directs those in federal health services to interpret the Affordable Care Act as “loosely as possible,” which may result in fewer people being subject to the fines dictated by the Act for not having insurance.

While some have speculated wildly what Trump will do next as President, he actually made his plans extremely clear in his “Contract with the American Voter.” Regardless, tensions around the world are high as the populist, outspoken person that is Donald Trump has now assumed the most powerful office anywhere. The world hasn’t seen this kind of leader before, and some are reacting to the new president the only way they know how to – with fear and anger. Time is needed so that people everywhere can see he’s not a global disaster waiting to happen. Donald Trump will be a great president and he’s already proving it – one day at a time.

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