super mario bros super show

The Super Mario Bros. Super Show: 1989
Created by: Andy Heyward and Steve Binder
Cast: Lou Albano, Harvey Atkin, John Stocker, Danny Wells

Remember yesterday how I said we’d take a look at some children’s TV Shows that are nostalgic to me? Yeah, how many people thought I was joking? Weirdly enough, there were no images available for this either. I was trying to get the main menu title card, with Mario and Luigi dancing. I found it, but it was far too low quality to use.

Hell, if the low quality images tell you anything, it’s a low quality show. That’s not true actually. I have no specific figures or anything, but the show doesn’t look that cheap. Somehow they managed to get some pretty famous guys onto the show, for example, WWE star Sgt. Slaughter. Also, Lou Albano is Mario, he was very well known at the time. They had guests like this all the time.

But why did they show only run in 1989? Surely there aren’t too many episodes then, right? Wrong. In that short, three month window of broadcasting, they broadcast 65 episodes. Christ, we don’t even have that many episodes of Peep Show after thirteen years. So clearly they worked fast and it must be cheap quality, right?

Wrong, for both the live action and animated segments, they’ve gone to every extreme in funding. Whether it’s booking the guest stars, the oddly good looking animation or just overall, the show was quite expensive.

Script wise, honestly it’s not even bad for a morning cartoon. Albano and Wells work pretty well together as Mario and Luigi and give believable performances. You’re all thinking it must be bad, that live action movie proved that. Well, you’re wrong, it’s honestly pretty entertaining even today. Maybe that’s the nostalgia talking though.

Currently, you can’t get it on TV anywhere. Or Netflix for that matter. Your best bet is to watch it on one of the many legal sites available. Or just buy the boxset on Amazon, I have that, it’s quite good.

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