kitchen nightmares

Kitchen Nightmares: 2007 – 2014
Created by: Gordon Ramsay
Cast: Gordon Ramsay

While I’m not the biggest fan of reality shows, there’s no denying the impact that Kitchen Nightmares had on broadcasting. For those who haven’t seen the show or don’t know what it is, well, read on. This article does its best to explain what the show is about.

Kitchen Nightmares shows Gordon Ramsay tour the USA helping out restaurants in need. He tries the food, explains whats wrong with the restaurant and does his best to get them back onto their feet.

More often than not, the restaurant owners are very reluctant to actually receive help from Ramsay, even though they’ve asked for it. Their stubbornness nearly always leads to some tense moments, arguments or emotional turmoil. Some episodes are much more memorable than others for this reason. Two examples jumping to my mind are ABC’s (Amy’s Baking Company.) and Fiesta Sunrise.

ABC’s is the one restaurant Ramsay couldn’t help. It’s the only time Ramsay has walked out on a restaurant. That’s why it sticks in my mind. As for Fiesta Sunrise, it really highlighted how disgusting some restaurants are. I’m a huge fan of cooking, although I can’t cook. I tend to make a lot of food from packets, mainly pasta. Anyways, I’m getting off point.

What makes Kitchen Nightmares so enthralling is that every episode is unique. But the reason it’s so good, unique and compelling is because of Ramsay himself. I’d argue the show would be boring without Ramsay on the front of it. Ramsays reactions to the restaurants may seem over the top, but they’re extremely justified. It’s one criticism that I’ve heard of the show, that Ramsay overreacts and stages certain things. But you have to remember that Ramsay is at the top of his culinary game. If I were at Ramsays level, I would be appalled by the lack of standards on display too.

If you’re a fan of cooking, Gordon Ramsay or just in general want something interesting to watch then this show is definitely for you. Crisp editing, an enjoyably entertaining presenter and above all, some good quality cooking on display. Kitchen Nightmares is available on YouTube, I can’t find it anywhere else though. I recommend watching it, bloody good entertainment.

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