Mrs. Brown’s Boys: 2011 – Present
Created by: Brendan O’Carroll
Cast: Brendan O’Carroll, Jennifer Gibney, Dermot O’Neil, Paddy Houlihan

Alright, yes, I can hear you groaning already. Just bear with me on this one. Mrs. Brown’s Boys is pretty good comedy. There, I said it. But why and how is it good? Most of the people I’ve talked to have laughed it off as a pathetic stereotype of comedy that we need to bury.

The stereotype of comedy I talk about is cheap, everyday comedy that can be manufactured with ease. Little effort goes into it and the laughs you actually get out of the show compared to how much the audience laughs is questionable. It basically wrongly falls into the same category as The Big Bang Theory.

However whereas I only get one or two laughs per season of The Big Bang Theory, I get multiple laughs per episode of Mrs. Brown’s Boys. I know, you’re screaming at your screens as you read this. Deal with it. Well, don’t, keep reading I’ll explain why it’s actually not too bad.

Mrs. Brown’s Boys is cleverly written. I’m not saying it’s the wittiest comedy out there, but it certainly is a good comedy writing wise. Not just because of the scripted jokes and nature of the show, but the fourth wall breaks also. It’s not done to the extent where it gets boring, but when the actors decide to add a little extra and ad-lib a part, things get interesting and most of the time it’s hilarious.

But if we take away the stuff that isn’t “in the script” and leave the script on its own, what are we left with? We’re left with a competent comedy that knows its limits. It knows it just appeals to the general public, the average viewer, so stringing them along for a boastful narrative would be useless.

Mrs. Brown’s Boys is nothing new, it’s a safe comedy because it knows it has to be, and that’s why I appreciate it so much. Sometimes you just need a run of the mill comedy to appreciate everything else.

Now, that’s not to say Mrs. Brown’s Boys isn’t funny. It is. Extremely so I would argue. If you’re still not sure on whether or not to watch it, give this a five minute watch and see what you think.

Ironically the ending of that episode is one of the most boastful and memorable ends to a sitcom episode I’ve ever seen. Better explain myself. This episode was broadcast on the night of the EU Referendum results. Basically, Mrs. Browns Boys was the first live BBC show, O’Carroll said a few words that was that. I thought it was a bit of a serious note to end on, but rounded the show off fairly well.

Not all comedy needs to be written as well as Peep Show or have as many plot points as Scrubs. It just needs to reach the goal of making you laugh, that way it has succeeded.

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