Right, GTA V has been out for a good year or so now on consoles, but it isn’t a real game until it’s out on PC, so say the PC Master Race. Now, I’m not picking sides, I play consoles and PC, they both have their benefits and downfalls, but was this hype really worth it? No, is the short answer, I’ll try to explain as best I can, but in short, it’s just the PC Master Race flinging their shit because of a Grand Theft Auto game, that, to be honest, was just an OK game, nothing more.

Right, let’s look at this from a console gamers standpoint first. You’ve just found out that GTA V is being released soon, when it is released, you purchase it and spend many weeks enjoying it, then updates are continuously released when your fun runs dry which adds new entertainment and challenges to do. The PC release is announced along with heists, rejoice, heist mode and the PC gamers will also enjoy this fairly fun game!

Heists and the PC release were pushed back. Multiple times. Everyone throws their opinions into a mesh pit of nobody caring, then heists are released, while the PC release is pushed back. Obviously this is going to create some backlash. I mean, the game has been out well over a year. It’s an OK game, but nothing to go crazy over.

I should just mention quickly, I love Rockstar and their games. Just GTA V wasn’t for me. I do occasionally play it with friends. But it’s not my first choice for an evening of entertainment, that belongs to blitzing through Halo: The Master Chief Collection

So, what’s the problem? When GTA V was finally released for PC, most people, or most of my PC gaming friends went absolutely apeshit. They were saying it’s the holy grail of gaming. However half of them couldn’t launch the game because it refused to do so. I confronted them with a tiny bit of trolling. Sending them this seemed to make them get rather annoyed to say the least. Needless to say I was told to shut up because “the console releases had problems”. To which I replied that the console releases were a year prior and the console players have had the game for over a year to enjoy.

Now I’m not beating on Rockstar here. It’s very difficult to make a game. Let alone port it over to next-gen consoles and PC. I’m not trying to beat up Rockstar here like I stated previously.

Long story short, some of my PC gamer friends threw a fit of rage when I sent them Titanic flute music and explained that the console gamers had been enjoying the game for roughly a year.

Also the first person is naff.

I mean, overall GTA V was fine. I did a review of the game a very long time ago and gave it a solid eight. That’s a pretty good score, but there are so many other, better games out there.

But I’m here to answer that question, was it worth the hype? To be honest, no, it wasn’t. When GTA V was released on PC, people were excited. This was followed by anger and followed by disappointment. A lot of people couldn’t actually play the game. And then followed by people realising they could’ve just bought GTA IV and the DLC for a much cheaper price.

When will people learn?

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