Dead Rising, a game series I truly adore. No thanks to Dead Rising 2 to be fair. With Dead Rising 4 releasing very soon I thought I’d take a look at the game that started it all. So buckle up fuckers, we’re going to review a game.

Now I do feel a bit cheap coming into this game after playing the second game first. Arguably my opinion of this game isn’t going to be as good. Mainly because I’ve automatically set the game some impossible standards that it’ll never reach. But for a game from the launch days of the Xbox 360, it’s a hell of a good game.

In this game, you take on the role of the Tim Horton’s loving, hockey playing, maple syrup drinking Canadian badass that is Jim Carrey Frank West. The whole premise of the game is set around Frank entering a town infested by zombies so that he can get the inside scoop of what’s going on, the whole reporter thing brings an entirely new angle onto the game and it sets it out from other zombie games. Of course, I’m talking about the camera, but we’ll talk about that later.

The main basis of the game (from what I’ve gathered.) is to survive, help survivors, take photos and in general just have a bit of fun. That’s what I loved about Dead Rising 1 and 2. You have a set objective and a pretty nice story, if you want it. I remember in Dead Rising 2 me and my friend would just let the story timer run out and then the game gave you an option to just continue playing, which I thought was awesome. I haven’t tried to see if that’ll work with the first Dead Rising but I’m going to presume it does. Even if you don’t run the timer out, you have 3 Days worth of fun anyway.

So how’s the combat? Well, it’s alright. It’s nothing revolutionary. You have a form of inventory similar to Dead Rising 2 wherein you can pick up weapons and carry them around with you throughout the game. Every item will break as everything has a different amount of durability. You can tell if an item is about to break because it’ll begin to flash if you have it equipped. I suppose that’s a pretty good system. It allowed me to see that my weapon was flashing and go find a different weapon or something else to use. Like a bench.

Obviously along with melee weapons you can get guns and stuff that shoot things. Good luck shooting anything, the aiming is horrendous. To aim, you hold down the right trigger, move the analogue stick to where you want to shoot and then hit X. The problem with this is that by the time you’ve moved over to the target you want to shoot at, it’s too late. They’ll be on the other side of the bloody thing they’re standing on.

Funnily enough the first boss battle of the game requires you to use a handgun to kill some guy. But the problem with this is that it does so little damage you need to make sure all of your shots are so precise that you’ll be like a Canadian Clint Eastwood. I ran out of bullets after a while so it was up to my accuracy with plant pots to attack them.

The big stand out point of this game is most probably the psychopaths and survivors that roam around the mall. I actually encountered a few of them on my adventure round the shopping centre. One of which was basically a tutorial on how to use the camera and take the best shots. It’s quite interesting that they’d stick a tutorial as a random character that could quite possibly die but hey, it adds to the game and you get to learn a bit more about your camera.

I do have a couple of flaws to point out though. The biggest one being the real lack of story. Now, the voice acting is by no means bad, but by today’s standards it’s not the best. I dunno, I just wasn’t a fan of the voice acting for whatever reason. My main problem was the aiming system though. It’s extremely difficult to aim anywhere which makes some of the boss fights unbelievably difficult. You’re pretty much required to use a ranged weapon.

If you want to fully immerse yourself in the Dead Rising lore and such, then you’ll have to put up with a few things. If not, still play this game. It’s very fun, but a bit lacking compared to today’s standards.

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