The Beginner’s Guide is a story experience that I thoroughly enjoyed. There, I said it, this review is over now. The Beginner’s Guide is a collection of games made by a guy called Coda, and the narrator explains what is going on and the stories of his friend Coda.

That’s all I can tell you about the story. If I told you anything more then it would completely spoil your experience. But trust me, the story is absolutely fantastic and it basically makes the game.

So what is there in store for you? Well, you’ll be playing through a collection of short games as the narrator explains what is going on, who coded the game and so on. As the story unravels, you play numerous different games to advance and progress.

Graphically, you can’t really say anything. It’s fine looking. Again, I can’t say anything about it because it’s explained through the gameplay. Some areas are visually gorgeous, as evident by this screenshot below.

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But at the same time, that image isn’t important. It’s just another part of the game. There are areas like that all through the game. At the same time, there are areas that make you think given the context of the story.

Of course, I need to talk about the interpretation. I couldn’t publish this article without doing that. My interpretation? I don’t honestly have one. I believe the game is exactly what it says on the tin. Bloody terrible isn’t it? Well, there’s a time to look into things further, and there are times you should not. This is certainly an area to look more into, but I want to keep a closed mind on this one. I feel reading more would ruin my experience.

Even though I’ve done nothing but sing the games praises, I also need to mention its faults and downfalls. For starters, the community is unsure whether this game is fiction or not. Fiction means it’s not real. It would have been created simply for the purpose of entertainment. This is the option I hope is not true, although it is the lesser of two evils.

On the other hand, it could be non fiction. I really hope it is. But that would mean the story you’re shown is true. Also the narrator has consciously made the decisions in the game.

If the game is fiction, then I see no reason to not enjoy it, it truly is worth enjoying. If it’s non fiction, well, even better! The emotion given by the narrator is tremendous, I was genuinely invested after about five minutes. That’s quite a feat. It took the game five minutes to be fully immersive. Fantastic.

In conclusion, The Beginner’s Guide is one of the most moving games I have ever played. It was touching, effective and overall a pleasure to experience. I’ve played the game through three times, I loved it that much. Please, do yourself a favour and pick this up right now, whatever the price.

Words cannot describe how good of an experience this is.

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The Beginner's Guide
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