A British Man’s take on the Presidential Elections

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This article is my opinion and my opinion only

So, now that the “legal” stuff is out the way, I can tell you what I think.

Jesus Christ, we’re all going to die. I’m in England and we’re gonna get blown up or something insane. Right, calm down, breathe. Lets break this down into what it is.

Trump has won. But we’re not going to talk about that yet surprisingly. I want to break down a number of other things first.

Your two main candidates seemed to be Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Wow, you’re in a real bad place there, literally neither of them are electable. You’ve got Clinton who obviously doesn’t look like she’s able to get past all this email scandal business. On top of that, personally, I believe she shouldn’t have the honour of being the first woman president. You need a strong leader, Clinton has a hell of a lot of faults.

As for Trump though. Well, from my point of view he’s a misogynistic, racist, fascist tyrant who must be stopped at all costs. Preferably in the same course of action that took out J.F.K. But at least he knows how to use the right email account. Trump is not a politician, he is a businessman. Maybe that’s what America needs, a businessman. But maybe not a businessman who has went bankrupt more than once. More than twice actually. Six times.

So what ever to do? You’re at a standstill.

The lose/lose election

That’s basically what it is, right? Clinton and Trump are both equally terrible. However Clinton is the lesser of two evils in my opinion. Why though? Well, I’ve explained everything in detail below.

Hillary Clinton

Image result for hillary clinton

Now I’m going to do this for both candidates, Hillary first because it’s less stuff to write. Anyway, here’s everything that I could find on Hillary (that she did wrong).

1. The emails

Let’s just address the elephant in the room. The emails. For fucks sake Hilary don’t use the wrong email account. I did that once, now I can’t get into my Skype account. That’s not the point. Even though she was cleared by the FBI for this, it was too late, the damage had been done. She shouldn’t have done it in the first place, however she has gone to the effort of clearing herself of crimes. So you can’t say she’s a criminal anymore. She has literally been cleared of any criminal offence, meaning she is innocent.

2. This video

You cannot take this woman seriously. That was the main problem with this. I’m sure some people found this funny. But you must keep in mind this is a race to see who will be in power for a major country. Fucking about with memes is not going to help your campaign. And it didn’t (obviously). I’m more than sure it confused a lot of people who don’t get this stuff and I’m not too sure what the appeal was supposed to be for this.

3. Her health

A lot of people argued that this made her unfit for presidency. I can see why you would think this, you don’t want another Roosevelt. He popped his clogs just before the end of World War Two the lazy shit. Couldn’t even be arsed to finish the war efforts. Anyway, Hillary’s health was a major problem. Obama and Jarrett (White House Doctor) both agreed that they should allow Hillary a private, secret health check. It’s shifty, but she has the right to battle health problems in private, much like Roosevelt did.

And that’s all I could really find that wasn’t biased/insanely radical. Not too bad, but not good either. There may only be three points, but they’re major in the campaign climate.

Donald Trump

Image result for donald trump wwe

No, I didn’t edit that. Donald Trump is a member of the WWE Hall of Fame. I think that’s pretty cool, sort of. Trump is a big fan of wrestling. But why bring this up? I dunno, just thought it was cool and I needed a photo of Donald Trump that has yet to be used.

1. His first wife said he made her feel violated during sex, but dropped the matter after a divorce settlement.

So what with Donald being what I can only describe as a “sex pest” and “misogynistic monster” is further supported by this. Of course it was dropped after the divorce was settled so we can definitely take this point with a grain of salt. However further evidence of Trump being like this is evident everywhere in the news currently and formerly. Here’s a link to almost every comment he’s made that can be deemed sexist or misogynistic.


2. He quoted a tweet that said if Hillary Clinton can’t satisfy her husband, she can’t satisfy America.

Now onto the personal attacks I suppose. This is just a horrible thing to say. It’s almost as bad as some of the jokes I tell, which I must tell you sometime in the future. But all joking aside, what was Trump thinking when he said this?

Firstly it’s of bad taste to say this to a person you’re running against. It’s a personal attack (which Trump is good at) and has nothing to do with his or Clinton’s campaign. It’s childish to see and overall just a horrible thing to say. But Trump has said worse things and managed to get away with it somehow.

Image result for donald trump sexism articles

He didn’t directly say it, but he made sure he tweeted about it, which is equally as bad as he’s promoting this sort of behaviour amongst his supporters.

3. He said he would date his daughter if she wasn’t his daughter.

Need I explain this? Come on. That’s just weird. It may have nothing to do with his campaign, but seriously? Maybe he was appealing to rednecks or something, I don’t know what his intentions were. Probably malicious if we consider everything else he’s done.

4. He said profiting off of Kate Middleton sunbathing was okay

Image result for donald trump daughter comment

For those who don’t know, Kate Middleton is a member of the Royal Family of the United Kingdom. Apparently it is OK to profit from her sunbathing nude. Also along with that it was nice to see some encouragement from Trump, stating “Come on Kate!”. You’re married Trump, you stop that right now.

5. Trump told a contestant on ‘The Apprentice’ that it would be a “pretty picture to see her on her knees”

Damn Trump, back at it again with the sexism. You cannot and should not be able to get away with saying stuff like that. Especially on nationwide television. I feel as if I’m repeating myself with these points so every time Trump does something sexist I’ll just put this image underneath the caption:

Image result for trump shrugging shoulders

It saves me typing so much.

6. His response to Meghan Kelly asking him tough, relevant questions about his attitude towards women was that she must be on her period.

Image result for trump shrugging shoulders

Okay but this is basically a way of evading questions. It’s not a smart tactic by any means, but it is cunning. He knows answering genuine questions will effectively harm his campaign, so by avoiding the questions and making himself out to be this horrible guy, we forget the questions he was asked. Or maybe he’s genuinely just a sexist pig.

7. Trump gave out a U.S. Senator’s private cellphone number out of spite on national television.

There’s the proof if you need it. The clip shows Trump give out a senators phone number. For what reason? Shits and giggles I presume. You can’t give out someones phone number at a presidential election speech. That should be a given by this point. It’s a faux pas to say the least for Christs sake.

8. Trump said John McCain, who was a war prisoner for five years, was no war hero because he was captured.

I learnt a lot about John McCain in my history GCSE. He served in the Vietnam War and was captured, tortured and beaten for a good five years or so. He returned a hero. Speaking at conferences about the war and that man has garnered some well deserved respect. He actually ran for presidency at one point but was unable to acquire such a position. The fact that Trump decided to personally attack McCain is horrific. No reasoning behind it, just again, making controversy to appear relevant.

9. There are people who scream “white power!” at his rallies, and they are there in support of Trump.  Also, Trump has the full public support of a former KKK leader.

Now fair enough you can’t help getting support from unwanted figures. But it does give you a bit of an idea where a former leader of the KKK is agreeing with what you say. Also, screaming white power at his rallies, eerie to say the least. I fear for those that are not of white ethnicity, which leads me nicely onto my next point…

10. Trump’s idea of Border Security is to force Mexico to build a giant wall.

A second point in a string of racism now. The infamous wall. Many thought it was funny and outlandish. I did at first, because there was no threat of him being in power. But now he’s in power, there is a lot more threat of this happening. Do people not understand how insane this sounds? This is Brexit tier racism. Not only will he get Mexico to build a wall, forcefully, but they’ll pay for it also. There’s only one way to make someone do something without them wanting to do so.

Military threats. A war. Mexico vs. America. Two nations that border one another will be at war, all over wanting to be separate. They’re already separate. He’s caused an outlandish response by saying this. All he had to say was; “yeah, something should probably be done about this”. But again, he creates controversy for a main factor, which I’ll explain in a bit don’t worry. There’s a reason for all of these comments.

11. Trump inspired a father and son to beat up and urinate on a mexican homeless man. His response: “my followers are passionate.”

This is truly the pinnacle of horrible things Trump has done. Not only does he support this type of behaviour, but he supports the actions of the father and son publicly. Now, imagine if you will that you are homeless. Living in a country that you are not from. Now imagine that you have two men approach you, who proceed to kick the shit out of you and then piss all over you. Does this seem right to you?

Well, what if not only did this happen, but a major political figure supported the actions and stated that this was basically a common thing for his followers to do. I have no words, if that example doesn’t help you grasp why this is wrong then God help you.

There are a lot of other points to make, but I think twelve is enough. Because if you still don’t understand the problems with Trump then there is no hope for you, you’ve been brainwashed by the lack of media. The media does not brainwash you, believe me, I work in the fucking thing and have done for a year or two now. I write for a news site, which reports the media and news.

If you don’t listen to the media then where do you get your news? Being told by a news station that terrorists are rampant? Believable, no brainwashing. Trump has said something racist again? No! Bullshit, he hasn’t, the media is brainwashing you why can’t you see that! It’s hypocritical at the very least.


That is what Trump did. Sorry to go off on one here, but everything links together. He makes controversy because it keeps him relevant. Do you know who else had outlandish views such as this? Winston Churchill. I hate to say it, but Churchill had similar views to Trump. Mainly because Churchill was an imperialist, nationalist racist, but the similarities are there. Trump uses controversy to his advantage, and it managed to get him to presidency.

It’s insane that Trump has done so much and gotten away with it all. It’s all been brushed under the carpet. The previous points are all pieces of proof and there are hundreds of more out there. But why doesn’t anyone care? I genuinely have no clue. Peoples mindsets are different to my own, sane state of well being I suppose.

People voted for Trump for change. No matter what this change is, it is not worth sacrificing the basic principles of society for. A vote for change, Make America Great Again. This does not justify anything Trump has done. You cannot just brush decades of sexual assault/comments, racism, tyrannical rule and disrespect of anyone who opposes him under the carpet. You must take this into account no matter how “great” this change may be.

Brexit, Trumps Election, Putin in Power, a far right government likely to take over in Germany and France, UKIP on the rise once more.


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