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There is a ton of damaging information out there about Democratic Presidential nominee Hillary Rodham Clinton. Now that more information is set to be released this month, WikiLeaks and Julian Assange will end Hillary’s campaign and presidential bid for good.

Assange has already done his job in exposing the Democratic National Committee’s wrongdoings. He helped expose what we all knew: the DNC was siding with Clinton over her primary opponent, Bernie Sanders. The news sent shockwaves throughout the Democratic party and angered Sanders supporters. That anger was amplified when even after the revelations of the betrayal against him, Bernie went ahead and started campaigning for Hillary.

WikiLeaks’ revelations are piling on top of an already damaged Clinton. They ruined her chances of winning over Sanders voters, a voting block she desperately needs in such a tight race. Now, Sanders’ supporters are left disgusted with a nominee that they never wanted but was shoved down their throats anyways.

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WikiLeaks and Julian Assange Will End Hillary’s Campaign: Here’s How

The WikiLeaks founder is reportedly ready to drop more bombs on the Clinton campaign in the coming weeks. It was believed that Assange would release a major revelation on Monday; however, the announcement was postponed due to concerns for his safety.

No damaging information was released when the announcement finally happened on Tuesday morning, much to the chagrin of those who stayed up all night waiting for it. It surely was a huge sigh of relief for the embattled Democrat nominee.

Clinton isn’t out of the woods yet, though. WikiLeaks announced it will be publishing more information every week for the foreseeable future:

What We Know So Far

Getty Images/Ethan Miller
Getty Images/Ethan Miller

In August, Assange explained to FOX News’ Megyn Kelly what kind of information he had, but wasn’t specific:

“It’s a variety of documents, from different types of institutions that are associated with the election campaign, some quite unexpected angles, some quite interesting, some even entertaining,” Assange told Fox News Channel’s Megyn Kelly in August.

Note some of the information Assange has is “from different types of institutions” related to the U.S. election. We see you, Hillary and the DNC.

The WikiLeaks founder also told FOX News’ Sean Hannity in September that the next dump is coming very soon. That led many to believe the typical “October surprise” in American politics would hit right on time to impact the election.

Among speculation of corruption, shady backroom deals, and fraud concerning the Clinton Foundation, there are also theories that the October surprise could be about Hillary’s Health.

Those on the right and the rest of Clinton’s detractors are hoping WikiLeaks and Julian Assange will end Hillary’s campaign for good. Clinton is like a boxer with two black eyes, stumbling around the ring in the 12th round.

All it would take is one “good punch” from Assange and Clinton’s campaign will be down for the count. There will be two critical factors in order for the release of information to be effective.

1. Timing is Everything

Will Assange release the information on the Democratic nominee in time to give the American people a chance to review it thoroughly?

This is perhaps the most important factor in how WikiLeaks and Julian Assange will end Hillary’s campaign. With the election only one month away, time is of the essence. Voters deserve to have all the facts in front of them before November 8th in order to make an informed decision.

But with that in mind, a staggering amount of people don’t even seem to care who will run the country.

It would be nice to see Clinton’s dirty laundry aired out on the national stage at a presidential debate. Not only would it be a welcome change of pace to see Clinton’s feet to the fire explaining this stuff for once (honestly, not with lies or “I cannot recall x” dodges), but it would also be a television phenomenon like no other before it. Hundreds of millions of people would watch it.

2. The Secret Service Media

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Will the media do an effective job of spinning the information in order to lessen the blow on Clinton?

Sadly, we can’t actually depend on a debate moderator to follow up on whatever Clinton revelations come out. NBC “journalist” and debate moderator Lester Holt proved in the first showdown between Trump and Clinton that fairness doesn’t exist in presidential debates when he went easy on Clinton. Holt was sure to challenge Trump wherever possible.

There’s no doubt the media is in the bag for Hillary at this stage in the race. It’s now glaringly obvious it’s been that way since the start. The media will do its best to protect Clinton and give her the kind of quality cover the Secret Service can only dream of.

Clinton is most vulnerable on a debate stage with Trump – where he is free to ask her tough questions himself; although even that isn’t a certainty, as Trump failed to do just that in the first debate. Thanks to biased debate moderators like Holt, the teflon pantsuit is able to easily dodge tough questions and get away with generalized answers. The same pardon isn’t granted to Trump.

It’s important to note that the American people’s trust in the media is at an all-time low these days. Clear-thinking voters won’t be swayed by a media they already think is lying to them and that spells trouble for Mrs. Clinton.

Is it Even Possible that WikiLeaks and Julian Assange Will End Hillary’s Campaign?

In short, absolutely.

Clinton’s reputation has been dragged through the mud on many occasions over the course of her career. In the past few years alone, Clinton’s character has been justifiably destroyed on a regular basis. You can’t possibly think 100 percent positive of her unless you’re delusional.

Her credibility is shot to the point that many of her own party’s voters don’t trust her. The future of the Democratic party—former Sanders voters—absolutely despises her. We have WikiLeaks and the truth to thank for that.

The rift between Clinton and many Democrats, as well as those voters still deciding, will be a huge hill to climb. In an election cycle that is putting all the focus on establishment politicians ruining this country, Hillary is the poster child.

Clinton Bailing Out Trump

Reuters/Scott Morgan
Reuters/Scott Morgan

In any normal election year, both candidates would be in trouble. Luckily for both, they are running in a race where their opponent is extremely flawed.

The thing helping Trump the most in this race is that the media cover for Clinton isn’t working. Potential voters are sickened by the actions of Clinton and don’t trust her, as is reflected in poll numbers.

Trump has a trust problem himself, due in large part to things he has said and done during the campaign. The only difference is there aren’t many out there who think Trump should be behind bars. That’s a problem Hillary has to (and should have to) deal with if she wants to become president.

WikiLeaks’ Impact on 2016 Election

If nothing else, at least there is some source of truth left in this world. Without WikiLeaks and the Julian Assange’s of the world obtaining and releasing damning information, we’d be in the dark about the real Hillary Clinton. She’d cruise to the White House unchallenged in a race against a flawed Republican nominee.

Assange and company have done a great service to the American people in bringing the truth to light. The mainstream media should follow their lead and put ideology aside to regain the people’s trust. Instead, though, they will continue to disgracefully protect Clinton and attempt to pave the way for her presidency.

Clinton’s detractors can only hope that WikiLeaks and Julian Assange will end Hillary’s campaign before November. Even if Assange can’t do it alone, the American people will hopefully have the information they need to make an informed decision when deciding the future of our nation.

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