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Everyone knows Pokémon nowadays. At least, they know what it is. But how much do they really know about the franchise? How many Pokémon facts do you know?

The new Pokémon GO smartphone app has been downloaded over 500 million times in the two months since it’s been released. With 721 known species of Pokémon so far, there are bound to be some interesting facts and trivia that’s worth knowing – even if you have to dig deep to find it.

Join us as we count down some really neat Pokémon facts.

Jigglypuff is as Strong as Onix


…At least physically. Yes, the 28 foot long snake made entirely out of rocks hits as hard as a sentient balloon. This is because they share the same base Attack stat value, 45. There’s actually a number of Pokémon with that same amount of Attack. Counting Jigglypuff and Onix, there are 27 Pokemon with 45 base Attack. Who knew?

800px-poundwiiu Unfortunately, the shared stat doesn’t transfer over to their respective evolutions. Wigglytuff has 70 base Attack while Steelix has 85. I guess miracles can only happen once for the family of Puffs.

Oh well. A pink ball of kickass still beats a rocky snake in my books.

A Pokémon that Evolves From its Looks

As the Pokémon series progressed, more and more convoluted ways of evolving them came up. Some Pokémon needed exposure to special stones, others needed to know specific moves, and one in particular just needed to look good to evolve. Sounds like the struggle of a club-going twenty-something year-old, not a magical, ass-kicking monster.

Generation III of Pokémon brought a lot of new mechanics to the game. Personality values, effort values, and the polar opposite of family values: Beauty conditions.

225px-condition3 In Pokémon Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald, Pokémon have conditions that come in five categories

  • Coolness;
  • Cleverness;
  • Cuteness;
  • Toughness;
  • and Beauty…ness.

These are used to help Pokémon win in Pokémon Contests, the Nintendo game’s equivalent to real world beauty pageants. For most Pokémon, it doesn’t affect the way they battle. However, one uncommon Pokémon named Feebas evolves into Milotic once its Beauty condition is high enough. Feebas is essentially an uglier Magikarp, so evolving it isn’t a bad idea if you want to be the very best… and if you want to keep your lunch down.

Say hello to Milotic

Weird Pokémon, Weirder Movesets

What is this - a gingerbread man / robot mix?
What is this – a gingerbread man / robot mix?

With countless amounts of moves and hundreds of Pokémon that can learn them, there’s going to be some “WTF?” instances. One such instance happens with Hariyama.

In generation IV, a Water-type move named Brine was introduced. The move could be learned by Hariyama, despite Hariyama being only Fighting-type and their inability to learn any other Water-type move naturally.

It doesn’t seem as weird once you learn that in Sumo wrestling tradition, salt is thrown into the ring. Brine is the closest move to throwing salt and proves that Hariyama is one traditional (Sumo) fighter.

Another example of a Pokémon that can learn moves that are foreign to its element type is the peculiar case of Elgyem. Elgyem is a Psychic-type generation V Pokémon and its evolution, Beheeyem, can learn the move Steel Wing (TM51). Elgyem nor Beheeyem have wings! How is that possible?!

There’s no clear reason as to why this happens, but it’s been speculated that it occurs because of a glitch in transferring the Pokémon’s data, which included the TMs it could learn.

I bet you didn’t see that coming, sucker!

Believe me, there are more instances of Pokémon learning moves that they shouldn’t. Let’s just move onto some different Pokémon facts before we get carried away.

Hateful, yet Adorable

Ever since Pokémon Gold & Silver, all Pokémon owned by trainers have a bond with their trainers called Friendship. Generally, taking good care of them and leveling them up makes the Pokémon more friendly towards you. Straight forward, right?

Pikachu Pets
Pikachu Pets

Every Pokémon has a base friendship. The higher it is, the easier it’ll be to get along with them. The lowest possible base Friendship is zero, which pretty much means the Pokémon despises you. Nearly every Pokémon with a base friendship of zero is a legendary Pokémon. However, there is Pokémon that’ll hate your guts just because, and it’s not even legendary. This Pokémon is Buneary.

And for all the Pokémon facts on this list, a Pokémon fact about a Pokémon that hates you by default really stands out. Aren’t Pokémon supposed to have strong, affectionate bonds with their trainers? Not this time.

Look at that face... it's probably planning to kill you
Look at that face… it’s probably planning to kill you

I didn’t believe it at first, but the minute you catch this adorable brown bunny, it’s nothing but seething hatred. In fact, it’s the only Pokémon that learns Frustration, a move that’s stronger the more the Pokémon using it hates its trainer, naturally.

It’s evolution, Lopunny, learns Return which is the exact opposite. Remember to take good care of your Pokémon if you want them not to hate you. That’s a bonafied Pokémon fact.

Satoru Iwata Gave Pokémon Gold & Silver the Extra Region

This Pokémon fact is probably more interesting than all the other Pokémon facts combined.

Johto, the region where Pokémon’s second generation began in, was originally going to be the only region within the game. Satoru Iwata had other plans, however. Feeling that the gamers who loved Pokémon deserved better, he created tools for compressing the graphics of the game. This allowed the first generation region, Kanto, to be added.

Imagine how Pokémon Heart Gold & Soul Silver, the remakes of Gold & Silver, would have gone if Kanto wasn’t in the original! The fact that he was able to do this and other vital things for Pokémon games like Pokémon Stadium is an outstanding feat. A round of applause for the business man who was a gamer at heart, Satoru Iwata.

Imagine what kind of Pokémon facts he took with him to the gaming gods’ grave?

We hope you enjoyed these facts about Pokémon! Do you know any interesting Pokémon facts? Post them in the comments below.

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