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WCPW (WhatCulture Pro Wrestling) has hit a bombshell of an announcement, saying they have hired the recently WWE released wrestler, Alberto Del Rio.

Del Rio will be unable to use his WWE name of Alberto Del Rio and will be under the alias of “Alberto El Patron” when he makes his debut to WCPW this Thursday.

On screen manager of WCPW, Adam Pacitti announced the news on the official WhatCulture site, said announcement can be found here:

WCPW has managed to pick up a huge signing here, with former WWE and TNA wrestlers and talent making frequent appearances on their shows. Kurt Angle, Cody Rhodes, Eric Bischoff, Drew Galloway, Bret “The Hitman” Hart, Jim Ross and now Del Rio are just a small handful of talent that have appeared on WCPW.

Del Rios first appearance on WCPW will be on WCPW Loaded, where Drew Galloway will also have a match, who was eliminated from the Royal Rumble match on Loaded, missing out on the chance to face off against Kurt Angle.

Del Rio returned to the WWE in October of last year to Hell in a Cell, where he defeated John Cena on his first night back to capture the United States Championship. To rejoin the WWE, Del Rio stopped competing in AAA and Lucha Underground.

After what was a lacklustre few months with the WWE, Del Rio has left once more, not even a year later than his return. Del Rio had been suspended for his violation of the Wellness Policy, as was his girlfriend and womens wrestler, Paige. Other reports suggest that Paige has also left the WWE with Del Rio.

Many fans of the athlete are glad to hear the news of his departure from the WWE as they believed he deserved better and can do a lot better elsewhere. I wish him the best of luck wherever he goes.

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